Have You Ever Think Of That?

 Is a busy day, running up and down pick up my daughter from school, change tyre front to back, back to front, preparing birthday party for my daughter, go bank, send car to wash, tapao.... aiya too many things to do lah me today! No time relax and think what to blog. But today I notice a few things are interesting. when I pass the gadong manglait under the fly over I saw someone stick note their company wanted to hire local sales girls! wow.... here also can think of doing adverting too!!! If you are looking for a job try to passing there and get the info lah!! I have a question here... If not because I passing here I wonder who/which local girl will passing this area.... lol

Second thing I discover are more interesting which is the Baiduri and SCB/HSBC bank ATM machine!
Baiduri ATM machine the number keypad are follow telephone style, SCB/HSBC bank are follow calculator keypad style! which mean that baiduri one is 1 is on the top left 7 is on bottom the 3 is on top right 9 is on bottom. The others bank is opposite way round.... Do you notices that???

This is SCB/HSBC one... same like calculator type!!! 

 This is Baiduri type.... like our phone style!!