Chevrolet Malibu Arrived!

The first time I saw this Chevrolet Malibu is when I visit USA DAY 17 and I saw this car park on the street at Seattle! During that time I already like it and I have a feeling this car sure one day come in Brunei, Finally after five GHK Motor bring it last few day and today it launched at they showroom!
This is a 2.4CC 182hp just under 33K OTR!!! Bruthers... cheap lah!! Make me also thinking trade in my Orlando and but this Malibu lah! 
I had test drive this car sudah two day ago at chevrolet workshop!! The power nyaman lah better than Mazda6 at my home one!! Oh maybe I should sell the mazda6 and get this baru ngam oh!!!
Ok tomorrow I go runding runding!!! hehehe

 Do you think it has the Camaro's shadow???

 16" alloy wheel 

 From this angle isn't it look like the Camaro? Nice right!!!

 This is the 2.4cc with the 182 HorsePower!!! Cukup power sudah lah!!!

 It come with original floor mats!!!

 I like this black color one... look ganas lah!!