80's Is The Best!!

Who say Money can't buy back time?? Now I bought back my time during 1981 and also bought back my memories!!! This game not just only my memories... It also for the people who had played this game during that time! 
Last week I don't know why I suddenly wanted to look for this game and I surf around this the net looking for people selling this. I had out biding once in the ebay but I also manage to make another deal in Japan asking the seller offer me the best prices!! Both this game are now selling like 2 to 3 hundreds US dollars with perfect condition and with box! My is not perfect condition no box come to Brunei also need USD$100++ Anyway I'm happy to pay what I have! 

This 2 set Octopus and Parachute both are made in Japan 1981 it still work perfectly even though 32 years old sudah!! If you ask me the Apps game compare with this 2 game.... I still think this 2 games is the best!
Boys and Girl... Don't be surprise next time you see me surrounded by some uncle and auntie watching me playing this game in public!! coz We are looking back our memories!!!

In my life I only played one time high score until a monkey appear swinging on the coconut and distract me and that was 32 years ago, tonight I want to see him again.