4 Years Only!!!

Sorry bruthers I'm not a Lawyer and I no school high high or study law. I'm just a simple man+ a husband+2 daughter daddy but I know what is right or wrong, black or white!!!
Today I read the Sunday news paper and saw a small column is about a rape case. At first I don't care and no interested about it coz I thought is a oversea news... sekali I read lupanya is a local case a 64 year old man rape a 12 year old girl twice only kana masuk jail for 4 years and still want to Appeared lagi!!! I'm sorry to say this lah ya... 4 years jail, rape 2 times.... break even which mean 2 years 1 times rape! I'm a father of 2 daughter sorry I really cannot accept this is real!!!
I cannot see a person who just sit in the jail for 4 years only and everything settle but that girl have to suffering the nightmare for the rest of her life!!! 
I don't know this old man got rape the little girl or not or this old man had kana setup, Maybe the old man is really innocence, He is old already his penis cannot hard anymore how can he rape the girl that is why wanted to appeared lagi but my question is only pleaded guilty for 4 years jail saja??
How come so cheap one only give 4 years? I think this is a really good offer already... if I'm the old man I think just diam diam be a good old man masuk saja lah... don't go fight for it anymore lah. Later lose again maybe is not 4 years lagi tu!!!
Here I have another question when I read the paper it said the old man was 64 year old and the little girl  12 year old. is it now or back in 2008??? If the ages in now that's mean the little girl are 7 years old during the time and the man is 59!!! If the age is during that time... that's mean the old man now are 69 and the girl are 17!!!