Come see see look look!!!

Finally the new Ford Fiesta hatchback arrived Brunei, Now you can come and view her beauty at Premier Automobiles Sdn Bhd showroom tomorrow 27th-Sep-2013 friday 10am official launching!
See you there Bruthers!

I Suka It!!!

Today I finally tasted the McD Samurai beef burger! Sure you want to know how was it right! My comments is as like their slogan, I'm Lovin" It!!!
I really like the sauce lah Bruthers!!! How I wish I can tapao home the sauce back home and eat together with rice!
I try the double layer beef yesterday and I really full after eating it! Now if you asking me what is my top burger with McD... I'll say is 1) Samurai 2) Big Mcd 3) Prosperity Burger.
Me long time no eat McD sauce that make me like it one! The last time is 1991 in Singapore my first time I try their McD Nugget it comes with 3 different sauce. I love the Curry sauce and the Sweet and Sour Sour! Now this Samurai sauce taste like the teriyaki sauce... I really like it!
Bruthers... go try it I'm sure you like it! Is a bit sweet lah feel like a makan a Japanese burger lah!
The drinks Sakura McFizz also not bad! Kids sure like it too!

If you want really full full satisfied go get the double layer beef patties!!!

Lol... I try to put all in my mouth!! Too bad my mouth not big enough!

Oh.... this sauce is a Bomb!!!! Watch out......

Checkout their this month Happy Meal kid's toys for your anak!

Barbie for girls, Hot Wheel for boys!!

They also have this new McFlurry Milo flavor!!

I know you all don't like photo right!!! hahahah

New Place Makan at JP!!!

When was the last time you lepak at JP? hehehe no only you lah bro... me also long time no come here eat already! I used to like the BBQ chicken wing but I don't know where are the store gone sudah I think closed long time ago coz no people come here eat lah. But now the JP are getting better and better, Got maintain sudah... not like last time macam Walking Dead's town there! I see they have new stuffs sudah at the food court, It also has a mini play ground for kids. It makes me thinking to bring my kids come here and play+makan!
At the food stall there has a new restaurant makan. Remember few years ago I introduce you guys a hut next to the Jerudong road side selling arab foods one (click here)? Ya they move away to yayasan last time and now move to JP sudah! Not only the stall have huge improvement but also their foods too!
Their foods have more choices now and also the taste better a lot especially their Shawarma! But of coz the Cinnamon Roll still the same yummy taste and never change lah!
Today I try their new makan.... The Boneless Chicken!! It has to pre-order one coz it need one day to prepare! Inside the chicken has no bone but got rice!!! The one whole chicken they say can serve 10 person..... For lady I think can lah... If for man size like my I think only for 4 to 5 only lah!
Anyway is still a lot for some people like small CC one, that's is why is worth for B$30.00 lah!
Too bad they only start open at evening, day time afternoon no open! As I say is a good place for lepak-lepak malam here with couple of friends or dinner makan here bring kids play play here!

 This is the stall I talk one lah! From far I tot it was Express fastfood hehehe

 It really looks like a fast food restaurant!!

 Prices I think is reasonable!!!

 Me and my wife like their cinnamon roll!!!

 This is their Boneless Chicken!!!

 The chef show me how to cut it!!

I really surprise to see inside all rice there!

 Even the wings also rice inside!

 New recipe with their Shawarma now!! yummy...

New time I want to bring my kids come here and play!!!

Samurai Chop Chop Chop!!!

The other day someone was asking me when was this Beef Samurai Burger available... Bah now ada sudah lah.. It start tomorrow bruthers!! Aiyo... don't say you lah, I also wait for this very long sudah lo!
Now finally arrive to town! FYI is Limited Time Only oh.... if you miss it sorry lah ninja go home sleep you have to wait for another season
So tomorrow if you want to makan free one...can!!! Tomorrow I buy for you only if you wear look like a Ninja I 100% belanja you one Samurai Meal with drink(no Tapao)!!! Only for the first 5 Ninja at 11:30am-12 noon 25th Sep 2013!!!!
See you tomorrow Ninjas!!!!

McD staffs putting up the banner liao!

Customer Rebate Program

Sin Hup Huat Co will be having a Customer Rebate Program promo at this coming 25th of September until 8th of October. For a minimum purchase of 2(two) tyres in-house brand only(Michelin, Nankang and Triangle). Customer can avail a Hua Ho Shopping Voucher and for KB Supa Save Voucher Shopping.
• Customer buy 13”-14” tyre they can have a B$5 for each tyre. 
• Customer buy 15”-17” tyre they can have a B$10 for each tyre. 
• Customer buy 18”-20” tyre they can have a B$20 for each tyre.

My G-Shock Can Paring With iPhone5

Yeah.... Finally it touch down today from Japan! This is the latest G-Shock watch just release last week. It got few few different color... got orange.... My is orange but blue also not nice too!  This is the model GB-X6900B-4JF if you also like it can order HERE!!
What so special about this new watch ka!! many good things and feature it has and better than the old version one loh!!
What I love most is the design and color!! From far far you already can see my watch...hehehe.
It can paring with my iPhone5 iOS7. Push notification/alert with my FB, Twitter, Mail, Incoming Call, Calender. Control my music, Find my iphone even overwrite phone if put in Mute/Silence. Alert me if I forget to take the phone!! Me I wear watch 24/7 so is very useful for me lah.... I go toilet shower, wash car, riding motor... any time also can know got people look for me! Even I sleep phone put to silence also can know.....heheheh
It had to download the Apps in Itunes to paring (bluetooth) the watch. In the apps there is one more feature I don't understand is the Speed Meter! It looks like telling me how fast I go... I not sure lah but I try it next time!
This is a very good watch.... the battery it say can last for 2 years! I'm not sure is true or not lah.. let's see how after 2 years lah!

Need to download this apps first then can paring your iPhone!

I can use this apps to setting what I want my G-Shock to be!!!

This is the instruction show you how using the watch!! to control your music

I wonder how fast it can detect!!! 
Oh.... my facebook got message!! 

Watch the video see how beautiful is the watch!! 

I'm Mythbuster

Today I cook a kilo Baked Prawn with Cheese.. all the prawn size as big as my palm! Yesterday evening I bought it from my friend's shop one is fresh from sea so today I don't want to waste the freshness tarus I bake it with cheese lah!
Nothing fancy.. just put a little bit of salt, pepper, tomato sauce and soya sauce then cover them with cheese and bake!! simple kan.....
While I finish my prawn I was in the mood to have some orange as my Happy Ending Meal... then suddenly I remember I saw many time in FB people sharing an article saying that Do Not Eat Prawn together with Orange (vitamin c) because a taiwan girl she die because of eating the m both and kana poison!!
So tonight I become the Mythbuster to see is it true or not!! Me ate 500g of prawn and 2 biji orange!! 
Until now I still haven't got any side effect. The only thing I feel uncomfortable is I still hungry now while I update this post!!!
Looks like the prawn with orange will die is a busted!!! lol
I also never hear people die under eating Lemon Prawn one... Thai food also got many dishes prawn cook with lemon(vitamin c) do you see them die??hahahahah 

Prawn and Orange.... Yummy!!!

80's Is The Best!!

Who say Money can't buy back time?? Now I bought back my time during 1981 and also bought back my memories!!! This game not just only my memories... It also for the people who had played this game during that time! 
Last week I don't know why I suddenly wanted to look for this game and I surf around this the net looking for people selling this. I had out biding once in the ebay but I also manage to make another deal in Japan asking the seller offer me the best prices!! Both this game are now selling like 2 to 3 hundreds US dollars with perfect condition and with box! My is not perfect condition no box come to Brunei also need USD$100++ Anyway I'm happy to pay what I have! 

This 2 set Octopus and Parachute both are made in Japan 1981 it still work perfectly even though 32 years old sudah!! If you ask me the Apps game compare with this 2 game.... I still think this 2 games is the best!
Boys and Girl... Don't be surprise next time you see me surrounded by some uncle and auntie watching me playing this game in public!! coz We are looking back our memories!!!

In my life I only played one time high score until a monkey appear swinging on the coconut and distract me and that was 32 years ago, tonight I want to see him again.

Jokki Hour

Hahaha... Tonight I got things to show off for my drinking kaki liao! My Jokki Hour just arrive. Few days ago I saw this unique beer mug selling online and I really curious about it what does it mean by the Sparkling Beer Mug!!!
Then I look in the youtube and I found the video. When I saw it at the first time I told myself I had the get one of this mug! What so special about this mug is you once you click on the trigger on the hander your beer is going to create bubble!!! I don't know who to describe how it work lah.. please watch the video below and you understand why is was so cool!!!
 I know some people don't like to drink their beer with bubble but in Japan a perfect pouring beer is must be 70% beer 305 of bubble.. So this mug is the most easy way to let you have perfect on your hand!!!

Oh My Glasses Arrived In Town

Oh My Glasses is founded in 2011 and is of the few local, fasninable, eyewear brands that are design-orientated in Hong Kong. This OG are very popular and hot in many counties and now are finally arrived in town!!! There are many Hong Kong celebrities wearing this glasses! Why is so unique and people loving it now? Simple.. coz you are one and only wearing it the glasses and no one have the same glasses like your in town. In every country the are giving one design of the glasses so no way you see other people wearing the glasses in town like your unless they bought from other country lah.... That's is why is call OH My Glasses!!! Now only available at New Plus Optical Gadong Abdul Razak complex there! New Plus Optical now have variety chooses of Oh My Glasses surely there is one OG that you like. For more info Oh My Glasses you can call 2453421/2 or come to the shop No:5 Ground Floor, Block E, Abdul Razak Complex, Jln Gadong. 

 Is very easy cari one lah!! Masuk from Incomm there go straight saja you'll find New Plus there! 

 I like the blue one!!! Nice kan.

More OG to choose!!!

HK super star Aaron Kwok he also use it!!

New Plus also bringing high end range lens to town too! Me I'm this lens now on my new glasses!
Crizal Forte UV is a ultra protection againts UV light and also is the OLNY coating that provide both front and back UV protection for the eyes. Is has the best UV Protection in the market for clear and Transition® lenses measured wit E-SPF, the new global UV Protection index of a lens.

Click the video and watch!

Start from today this is my new look!!!

She Is 4 Years Old

Yes I know... time goes fast right!! Today she celebrate her 4 years old with her classmate at the Jungle Gym. I just let her invite whoever she want to invite lah... sekali all come are girl, it looks like a Lady's Night there! This year her birthday cake is the Mermaid make by the Mr. Baker's . We just buy the Mermaid doll and give to the baker and we really surprise to see that the baker make it she sit on the coral and her friend Flounder next to her! The money we pay is totally worth it lah! 
This is my first time I saw her so happy none stop for 3 hours start from house to jungle gym and back to house open her presents.
Now I very tired.. from morning do this do that, go here go there all because for her.... Now I need to rest tomorrow baru continue blogging lah!