What's Hot This Week?

Yes if wanna talk about what's hot news in town now of coz is the Consumer Fair happening at Bridex lah... But I don't see many people post what they buy there only this new IndoMie new flavor Green Chili. 2 days already I see many people post this noodle sharing in FB how they cook, eat and comments. The one I always see is they eat it with one fried egg... Mata Lembu!
So I also don't want to left behind today I cook one and see how was it...
At first really though that the noodle is green color one like the japanese noodle Soba. Oh ok I was wrong... the noodle is still the same like original flavor it just oil come with green color and is was hot and spicy!!
So how was it??? eh.... Ok Ok lah.. try try can lah... If you want me every time or 3 or 4 times a week eating this I don't think I can do it lah. The Original flavor one I can do it but not this Green Chili lah.
Once a while eat can lah.. ask me buy a big box like original flavor I can't.
Coz is hot and I don't think it suitable for makan breakfast lah.
The normal flavor I can eat 2 package but this green one I only can eat one package. But eat one package I feel like I'm still hungry, eat 2 package I feel not too gali.
For adult eat can lah... I don't think can let children to eat this not like the original flavor coz it too hot for them not unless your kids like spicy lah!! 

That's the green oil to make the mee green! 

Mee is still the same!!!

 This is how it look like after you cook!!