What More Do You Want?

This is today google world currency exchange rate! 

What more do I want??? Of coz I want my money getting more and more lah! Nowadays no money cannot jalan, cannot lepak, cannot makan, enjoy, even you sick also need 2 dollars to see doctor at Ripas lah.... One dollars for Ripas and one dollars for Purple Bus!!!
No money in pocket also susah mau cari kawan ah... So as you can see money not need much but at least mau cukup pakai lah!!!

For people like us one.. have a small fortune in bank saja how to become a orang kaya!!!! Not unless the sky fall one big luggage of cash for you or you kana jackpot lah... Then only suddenly we can have extra money to spend is wait for Malaysia Ringgit drop lah!!! Ah like that everyone of use can spend extra money at Miri, Limbang, KK or Labaun there! 
So what more do I want?? Of coz you and me same same want the RM drop as much as it can lah... Drop until We one dollar change 3 ringgit is the best!!!
Wah... by the time I sure fly to KL shopping sampai I puas-puas loh!!! But of coz for the Malaysia people they are kasian lah especially for those parents have children study at oversea one.. Imagine that a man have 500k in bank he will lost 41k just because the rate form 2.4 become 3.0 exchange rate! Who will happy too? Of coz those Malaysian people who work cari duit in Brunei one lah!!!
I'm not sure this day B$1.00 = Rm3.00 can come or not but by looking the exchange rate from last 2 months 2.4 to last 2 weeks 2.5 then today is 2.6. omg if continue like that by this year October 3.0 is an possible thing to be happen!!!
Malaysia must do something about it liao... if not habis loh the people's money don't know why suddenly hilang oh!!!

This morning I left 2 dollars in my wallet and I malas got bank atm machine take money so I ask people in IG and FB what can I eat for my BF+Lunch! Some told me eat roti kosong, eat nasi katok... now I know what to do.. change to RM i have 5 ringgit and can eat 2 kolomee plus one tea tarik sudah.... hahahah