What Happening Here!

This year Hari Raya holidays are kinda too long for me. I know sure many people they like it, No work, no school, no traffic jam but because of this holiday too long sudah I kinda lost track what are the date is it now! Even today is Monday but I also feel like I in Sunday! 
Holiday too long I also got no place to go... Go KK, Miri or Labuan also very pack there especially go KK also have to think twice... I heard my friend he come back from KK start from 9am by 10am still haven't come back to Bandar! as you can see this 4 days holiday got how many people go KK makan angin there! Go miri also not senang... jam across the border also have to wait for 4 hours... Jialat lah.

Today I went to Gadong area cari makan and I pass by the old HuaHo near the SCB one then when I make a turn baru I notice there is a new outlet is going to open soon at the old Isuzu car showroom. Sound like a mushroom suddenly pop out one... so fast lah. I remember last week I pass by here I don't see the building like that one oh.. Now so fast got awning and signboard sudah... 
Am I lost or long time no come out sudah.... this very day like I have miss out some thing! 
Oh please... please back into my normal day lah! I kinda boring here sudah... nothing happen, no story no nothing one oh!!!