Travel Fair At Bridex

The Travel Fair today fresh fresh kick off! Start from today until Sunday 1st September! 
Someone comment in my IG photo anything interesting there? Eh.. I was thinking if you are not think to travel I don't think there some some thing is interesting anymore not unless you want to come there just to cuci your mata looking at the girls here lah! 
Today is Friday and I think maybe is because the afternoon pray I don't think the people come here as much as macam last year lah! But I think tomorrow Saturday or Sunday will be more people coming... Or maybe the people already turn Smart this time they just go to the Travel Agents office and buy there not like last year q q q q for so long!!
I also thinking to buy some cheap air fair too but the timing to fly is not my time! 
Sometime I always think this fair I always don't have luck to buy one! Think of this is macam like a travel fair for the foreigner cheap ticket to balik kampong one! 
FYI if you want to travel please ask clear and clean don't just see the prices is cheap than buy. Coz I saw one booth go Tokyo 6Days3Night..... wah 6 days 3 nights so you tell me is this the sleepless tour kah this one??? So suggest nice and steady slow slow one by one go ask and check don't rush!!!

This year new package is Travel Now Pay Later!!!

I think I want to take this job!!!! lol

Who want to go Taiwan??

Hello my old friends!!! eh... normally my friends in Empire mostly is girls.... hehehe

I wonder why KK don't have prices!!!!

Malaysia Tourism Board having a big booth here to promote Malaysia!! Kuala Lurah... here I come!!

Lego Land!!! mmm... I think one more year I baru bring my kids there! Now too small go also sayang don't remember the trip!

Back to my kids time Lego is for Anak Orang Kaya Toy!!
That time where got Made In China one. One small small Lego toy also cost me one month no makan at school then baru can buy!!

Bruthers... remember you come here must try this Tea Tarik!!! Nice...

One dollars also can... Give Smarter a hand!!

Oh.... so this is the size of the 787!!! I heard is on the way coming home!!

This game is not easy oh!!! Lets try your luck too!