Only B$2.00

You can't believe that this awesome 3D puzzle I bought for the kids only B$2.00 each (50baht). I bought it at the Phratunam under a bridge. If I but here I think it may cost more than B$12.00 
All the my kids at home now are so happy to play with this. I think I should go look around and look for more this kind of toy for the kids don't just  always let them play iPad iPad all the time! 
It has a lot of different type.. I bought 4 for each of the kids at home. Got Kitchen, Tree House, Living Room and Bed Room. Is very easy to fit just follow the number and masuk the lobang saja!
Nest time you go Bangkok can try to look for this! So next time you see this selling in town you know how much it sell at Bangkok liao lah! 

This one is Living Room

 This one is Bed Room.

 This one is Kitchen

 Tree house..