My Bug-A-Salt Arrived

Today I got 2 items arrive both also buy from online. One is the Fiber Flare the other one is Bug-A-Salt. I kinda disappointed of my Fiber Flare lah because is rosak not working one! This FF I order it 3 months ago and now baru arrive and some more rosak one of coz not happy lah! FF is a actually a lights for bicycle use one... although I don't have a bicycle but I still think this is a cool gadget so I buy lah.. I can use it at night as a torchlight or emergency light at home or outdoor. Is quite useful lah it also can blink blink too. So for a night riding bicycle kaki I strongly recommended to use this, Is flexible one can bending and come with different color with the light. But too bad lah I don't know why my one rosak one!!! This is really make me not so happy.. some more I bought it nearly B$45.00 T.T
But is Ok lah... got warranty and I wrote to the company sudah hope they can give me an answer lah!
Haiya..... lucky I got another good news is the Adult Toy Gun is arrived today too.. but this one is my friend help to buy one lah! 
Bug-A-Salt is a toy gun for a big boy like me. This gun is really unique is special use for killing house fly one!!! I saw this gun someone post this video in the FB it was so making me to own one... so there is one Saturday Night Fever I told my friend about this gun then we went to Ebay and found one man is selling this then after we have a couple of brave juice we all bought it on the spot! Six..... yes six person bought this gun on that night and it took one and half month arrive! 
Many people asking me how much I buy in the FB. Eh.. Bruthers this is a Man Toy... normally is not cheap one lah. If only buy one with the shipping it will cost almost an hundred Brunei dollars lah.. But that night we buy 6 so is cheaper a lot lah only B$60.00!!! Awesome right! 
Bug-A-Salt is specialist to kill HouseFly so is very good for Home or Restaurant to use! It not need use battery or batu, bullets... just use Salt only!!! Yes the Salt your mother use for cooking can already! 
My house have a lot flies fly here fly there in the kitchen especially lunch time! hehehe yeah tomorrow I can play with this see how many fly I kills!!!

Q at the Airport Lama post office.... lucky no tax, if kana tax habis lah pay for a broken item! 

I buy white color one... look cool right!!!

Lucky the Bug-A-Salt also come today got extra happiness for me!

Click the video see how the gun works! 

Check it out see how cool is the FiberFlare