Mandarin Orange Peel

Wah..... this is really long time I didn't makan sudah! The last time I had I think when I was still school.  During school I like this very much especially when my month feel like boring boring got noting to bite this is my favorite lah. 
Two days ago suddenly I told my mother I feel like want to eat something masam-masam things lah but I know now is hard to buy those sour plum, wo hua guo... then we talk some say Hua Ho or 1st emporium still have but all this the big package and the taste also not that good one..
Last last there is one place suddenly pop out in my mind which is the one shop at Plaza Athirah the got sell rojak and ABC one. they still have sell all this sweet and sour snack there! 
Then my mom bought this for me the Mandarin Orange Peel...
I think I like a pregnant woman now makan all this thing... but once a while makan this also siok jua! 
This is a good stuff yo... is make you have appetite. In school some thing I mix it with water! put in the sehat water and shake it and drink...