KL Need Super Hero

Wa so Jialat lah!!! Even the BBC also come report how save is it now in KL!
I really want to know what is going on with the place why now become like that. Me everyday sure can see people posting video in KL people kana rob in the car, highway, mama shop, restaurant, home, mall etc... looks like every way every lobang also got people kana one!
Wa so kasian lah like that how to go there go holiday oh?
If you say this is not real but why now sampai BBC also come to KL and report this?
That day my wife just told me want to go Mid Vally shopping alone some more. I told her KL now are not safe to go at the moment she don't believe, Now I think she have to believe sudah!
Go near near one like Limbang, Miri or KK can already.
Looks like SuperMan, Spiderman and Batman can move here and stay liao... Everyday got job to save and help people's life.