IVLP Mini Reunion

Remember 3 months I went to US to attend the IVLP my first new friend in the group is from Thailand. Mr. Klaikong my Thai friend I met at the Washington D.C now this trip I was so lucky he got time to come out meet at Terminal 21 and bring me to makan and go for some drinks!
He is a very nice guy and I think he is those kind of man not easily get mad one! I always  kacau him during the trip we at US.
He bring me to a place that I never been for which is the Asiatique The Riverfront. This is a place that worth to some during evening lah. There is several way to get here taxi is easy but kalau kana traffic jam sudah lah.. or you can use BTS to TAKSIN BRIDGE BTS and continue with Asiatique’s service boat. This is place really unique totally is different like you walk in the Bangkok Street type. Is more like in Europe and the best part is there have a Ferris Wheel look like the Singapore one but smaller lah!
This place has plenty of shop, bar and restaurant. I can say this is the only place in Bangkok is good for bring family and Kids here to lepak-lepak!
After the dinner at the Asiatique my friend bring me to a bar at 25 floors is call Long Table which is very near to my hotel and can see the Bangkok city! Long Table not only just a bar but also is a restaurant too. You can come here for makan and enjoy the view lah! 
Click the video and see the place of Asiatique and Long Table.

This is the view form  the main road! 

This is the view from the Riverfront 

The Ferris Wheel also look like the one at Seattle Great Wheel I saw! 

There is a bunker in front the Asiatique near the road can come here and take a look. This is build during the WW2.

I don't dare to walk in coz is too dare!! Maybe day time I dare lah! 

Check out the Long Table!!!

Why is call Long Table??? Because the Table from this end to the other end sambong all the way like the Iban long house!

You can choose to sit out side. That place have a better view, loud music and can smoke too! 

Cheers... To the Bangkok and IVLP