Is Panas Time!!!!

Oh mamamiaya.... Today the panas really not play play one oh! Come out from a aircon restaurant walk under the sun to take my car it just less than 1 minute I also can swear until I balik rumah!
Look at the sky also don't see a piece of cloud and my car also telling me the temperature is 38'C today! Wa jialat lah so hot... Look like the hot weather is back already! 
I'm not surprise this kind of weather lah.... Me stay here already biasa sudah unless one day got snow then I baru takut lah. Like last few years the town fall Hails wah.. that one excited loh!!! In my life my first time experience got hails fall on my root lucky it just a little tinny small hails lah..mmmm I wonder this year ada lagi or not oh..hehehe
Yup... is hot and I hate my hair look suck now so went to cut it short just to match the weather lah. Aiyo I cannot tahan long hair with hot weather sudah now not like when I was young look stylo milo can lah.. Now 2 anak sudah apa lagi mau style. 
My hair style now look like when I was during primary school time type lah... The only different is my hair not as thick as when I was 12 lah...hahahah
But Indeed I still look handsome and young!!! hehehe

I look handsome right!!! lol