Home Make Burritos

Remember my last post about I cook the Spaghetti one?? After that post me actually I want to eat this burritos long time sudah reason is because this Mexican food remind me my US trip lah...
So last weekend I cannot tahan sudah and went to Supa Save to buy the ingredients there. The tortilla not always have there I want this type one have sauce inside already so save my time to prepare the cook. Making Burritos is very easy one it just like our chinese Popia or Spring Roll just put everything on the roti and roll it!! 
But Burritos are more meat than Spring Roll lah.. if you are a Meat Lover sure you may like it!

So how to cook? simply lah... half kilo of minced beef fried with the sauce then the rest not need to cook liao... of coz there is many type of burritos out there... some are very hot and spicy, got nuts and mexican chili, olive so and so... some even got Wet burritos too.. Me today just make simple not hot dry burritos lah! 

See... simple right!!! Just buy tomatoes, minced beef, sayur, chess and koropok!!! 

 How to roll... easy lah.. Roti first... then sayur, then salsa sauce on the sayur, then beef, then tomato then chess....

Just like this....

 Simple as ABC.... now ready to roll like roll a Sushi Maki!!!

Then cut into half 45 degree put some potato chip... just incase you still not full!! Now my dinner are ready to serve! Like this one roll I already enough eat... Yummy!!!