Hey Fly..... Eat My Salts!!!

Siok siok siok.... this is fun lah Bruthers!!! My new toy Bug-A-Salt buy from Ebay one is worth for the cent lah! The morning I play this gun at home shot here shot there until I realize the salts at home cannot for me play like that, I must go out and buy some for my gun if not later after my mother want to cook lunch the time and found the kitchen is out of salt cannot cook I sure kana my mother marah one!
Is really fun to play with and you never know how fast is the salt you has shoot!
So I went HuaHo and reload my salt there! I never buy salt in my life before and I tot is around few dollars lupanya so cheap Only 60 cents saja but if the orang putih salt is 3 dollars something lah. So you see my gun bullets so cheap..only 60 cents one big box I think I can shoot for another thousand time lagi.
Morning at home not so much fly but when noon time come home cook lunch the time wa.. the fly like come home party makan buffet there! Apalagi my gun shot shot shot kill all them die!!
In three minutes saja I kill 6 flies around the sampah there! Nice... I feel like I'm a Fly Terminator now...hahaha
Tomorrow... I'LL BE BACK!!!

This is the best spot!!!

Use this salt can already not need to use the long bottle one!!

I can't wait tarus reload in my car!! hahaha

1,2,3,4,5,6 in three minutes!!!

Maybe I should wear this shirt to attract more flies come!! hehehe