Go Limbang

After I arrived midnight from Bangkok the next day I went to Limbang with my wife to buy something and also jalan jalan there lah!
Then I just realize there is a Thien Thien Chicken Rice there too. I think is the ex staff of the Thien Thien chicken rice at Gadong open one coz I remember his face. Although the name is TT but the taste is not the one I used to have the original one! I kinda disappointed lah... especially my kolomee and the chili sauce. This is my first time here and also my last time too. I also found one restaurant's name almost similar with one I like to makan at Gadong. Pondok Sari Wangi got one sister there is call Sari Wangi cafe...heheheh I wonder they have sell Ayam Penyet or not there!!
me long time no go to the limbang town jalan just saw there is a new building got new shop and a big KFC there too. I think next time I come Limbang just come here makan lah!

Not happy with my Kolomee! 

I long time no see people smoke in the restaurant sudah!! Here in Limbang town still can do it!

Pondok become Cafe!!! hehehe

I remember this building is not look like that!! Is it they renovate ka??

Got Watson here and borrow money!!!

Next time I tapao here

On my way back to Brunei I saw this big open burning!!!  Is Padi time!!