Fly Back Home

Although is day trip in Bangkok but I already have a great time there. The only thing not happy during the trip is the day I took a taxi to airport. I'm sure you and me this is the thing that we hate to see and happen on us but no choice lah we don't know why to speak Thai to mad at them. I know the taxi is making a big turn and want to make extra money but still it will not over 500 baht (B$20.00) using the meter! But what I hate is they are wasting my time and it may cause us to late for the flight!
Lucky I didn't late for the flight and I also have a change to sit in the Business Class to take off and landing! The reason is because my seat rosak cannot upright! Thanks to the rosak chair I can have a experience not only just sit at the Business class but also be the first one who step out from the airport!
One more thing is happy I met +Alin Kurapak at the Suvarnabhumi Airport. We chit chat at one of the Halal restaurant near gate F3 and took some funny pose and post in IG.
That's it... this is all my trip in Bangkok. Hope next trip I can have someone who join me don't travel alone lah!

Ai uncle.... faster lah I have to catch the flight one oh!!!

Come kiss kiss first before we take off balik Brunei! 

Kurapak came to Bangkok with his Darling and the sister!

Yahoo... Business Class!!! 

Siok Eh I can still have plenty of space here!!

This uncle I think he come to Brunei is for the Asean Meeting!!!

Bye bye Bangkok.... See you Again!