Do, Eat, See, Buy, Go In Bangkok

What I Do, Eat, See, Buy Go on this trip??
Eh... Got new also got old lah. Old one as usual lah I have appointment with the Phra Phrom, Eat my favorite Fried Oysters at Thong Lo 55 and Kolomee at Pratunam Market.
New I went to Pratunam eat the famous Khao Man Gai a.k.a chicken rice. Buy shoes for me and my daughters, Tapao 7-11 foods and Dimsum and I saw there is a bicycle show at the Siam Discovery there! If you like bicycle you may like the made in thailand bicycle too!! I have take one of their business card you may email them for more detail! 

From my first time I ate this back to 6 years ago I already deep fall in love with her! Thong Lo 55 fried oyster really nice! How I wish here can have one!

 I found new thing I love to eat here... their duck yummy!

Pratunam famous Chicken Rice is here! See Video click HERE! Not so far away from Platinum Mall. Just remember the staffs there all wear Pink Polo shirt! 

 Honestly I still love the Brunei Chicken Rice here maybe is because I used to it of the taste here and the chili lah. Here in Phratunam the chili sauce is cut chili with kicap. Taste is different lah but the rice and chicken is nice. But I think if use the Thien Thien chili oh.. that is best of the best!!!

 If you can tahan padas then you can mix this all to your rice lah!

 Phratunam Kolomee.... yeah baby!!!

 I bought me a pair of shoe... it can match my Orange G-Shock!!! Nice??

 New Balance..... you stay here in Bangkok!!!

 This is the Bicycle show at the Siam Discovery. I sure all my age Bruthers ever see or ride this kind of BMX long long time ago but Do you know what B.M.X stand for?
It mean... Bicycle Motocross (X=Cross)
Is true I no tipu you one!!!

 Nice..... Can you guess how much is this bike?

 This one I can buy one second hand old Honda Civic

 I not a bicycle fans but I can tell this body is not cheap. Is make by fiberglass 

 Click here to their website! 

 I been visit Bangkok many time sudah but this is my first time I go see their Supermarket!!

 My first time buy shoe for my daughter. I just knew that their shoe also almost the same price like adult show! like that also want B$50,00

Last I tapao some of my 7-11 food back home!!