August 2013 Bangkok Trip

I went to Bangkok at last weekend. Funny is when people finish long holiday then I go makan angin. There is 2 reason why I choose that... one is the ticket is cheaper and the other reason the flight no much people travel so I have a big space for me to sit relax and enjoy my flight! During Friday the flight I think only half saja... So my seat at the back I have 2 extra seat on my left and right!
As usual lah... this time I also go Bangkok see San Phra Phrom a.k.a Four Face Buddha 
I thought I'm the only one who in the plane are for this.. then I found out I saw few friends also do the same things too! 
Travel to Thailand are different then do Singapore or Malaysia. In Bangkok once you chop your passport you'll not gonna see the people or your friends who meet in the same flight. Not like in Singapore or Malaysia you still can see someone you know they are from Brunei! 
This trip once again I kinda disappointed with my food, 
Why??? You look at the picture's the sayur lah.. 
I don't know why this time again my food can get burn with the vege one more time! 

From Green to Black! 

This is my Low Fat Meal during my last trip to Bangkok (march) the Potato turn black and dark brown.
See HERE my last trip to Bangkok.

Ofcoz not all the time is bad lah... I still have something good happening during the flight! 
During the flight I really surprise when I look at my phone it has signal. It received the signal from the VIETTEL the Vietnam's largest mobile network operator above the sky 15k feet high!!! Wow... as you can see how powerful is it their signal! 

 Another thing I do surprise is it has wifi signal but only can watch movie not internet! 
Someone open wifi and share free latest tv series in the plane... yahooo I not boring! I thought is the RB business class they use iPad to watch movie but the Flight attendant say is not from them!!! 
I not sure is true or not lah... next time you try yourself see how lah! 

Hello Bangkok I'm here!!!
As usual lah... I must have one Chang first once I arrived!