Asean Year Consumer Fair

Today is the Consumer Fair kick off at the Bridex. I kinda miss count already about the Consumer Fair thing... is it Consumer Fair 12 ? Or Consumer Fair Part 6? I remember that day I saw this big sign at Jangsak there it say Consumer Fair 12 but not when I came here at Bridex it turn to Asean Year Consumer Fair!!!
But doesn't matter what type of fair you and me also same same want to see got what new things selling in there, what new foods makan, what new gadget or things offer or cheap sale!
So if you haven't go there and see here I can show you a little bit what there have inside lah! 

This year the Lucky grand draw is the New Toyota Vios!

The first booth is saw in the Hall 1 in the front is the Concepts Computer! 

Epson L210 is hot now!!! I also have one at home it really save a lot my money to buy the ink!

Acer Iconia A1 selling like hot cake!!!

Who want to buy diapers? 

This is the foods street!!! 

Tonight got Dodgeball here! 

Still early not much people come yet! But tonight I'm sure jam tu!

I like this booth here is has a lot of Japanese household 

This is make by coconut oil it clean most of the kotor, minyak on your kitchen and stove.

Look like a coconut Ice Cream oh... I wonder after use it the kitchen will smell like coconut or not oh!!

This is to clean your sink!!! One tablet and all done!!

I can hear my wife calling me and want to come here too!!! I'm sure she like to come here to see see look look!

Oh!!!!! they use my OH!!!!!

Sim Hup Huat also here too at Hall 1

Having fun taking pictures with the Mr. Michelin at the Sin Hup Huat co booth!!

I like the White one... can I trade in my black rims ka??

Flip Flop the Fipper

That day I looking for his Sunglass and want to buy one for my friend after he have his eye operation now I found it but too expensive lah B$50.00 each!  This kind of sunglass some say it can help to improve our eyes to focusing! 

PHB Ethical Beauty also in the Hall 1. 

This is their Famous Gel. Many people who have Eczema are using this to make their skin better one! 

They also have other Skin Care, Hair Care and Cosmetic products too and is U.K Halal certified safe to use by Muslim bruthers!

If you love to read books then you may like their books here dBookHaus!
Their book is cheaper a lot then outside!

Hurry loh!!!

At the end of the Hall 1 there is a Rumah Hantu!!! 
Eh today is Hungry Ghost Festival I think I just stand here and see saja lah! 

walk to the Hall 2 I see Thailand again!! mmm I miss Bangkok oh!!!

I think the booth should built like Phatunam Market... Like that baru got Bangkok Feel ma!!!
Then the Patpong just behind it will be perfect!!! hahahaha

I feel like I walk in Supa Save!!! lol

Oh Mango Sticky Rice.... Yummy!!!

Here is Cambodia.... Cambodia is famous with their jade right??

Free Health checking at this booth Hall 2!!!

Hello Joanne, Hello Nurul, Hello Leha

Indonesia..... I want Ayam Penyet!!!

Who want to look for Fitness??? Come here and look for them!!

Wanna buy Ideal fresh chicken and egg?? come here hall 2

Mr. Bakers also here too!!!

Have to try the RBC moon cake? Next month is the Moon Cake festival sudah I think I gonna get some for my friends!!

This is yummy,,,, kuih lapis 

I been looking for this Consumer Protection in Brunei many year already finally I found them in this Consumer Fair!
Next time if I see those kedai Runcit sell thing price high high I know how to call and look for them sudah! 

This is the JPKE Customer Protection hotline 2230223.

You can have some stickers or information about the Customer Protection! 

Come come come... support our Bruthers!!
Maria, Fakhrul Razi and Kevin... Eh not this three guys in the photo one lah ofcoz.. they are just selling tickets here one!!

They performs at the Jerudong Park Amphitheater 
There are 3 different type of Tickets. B$10.00, B$20.00 and B$30.00

Come to Hall 2 don't forget to check out the Alcatel OneTouch smartphone! Today they just launch the new Alcatel Onetouch IdolX.

I like this photo coz it say iDo !!! hehehe

Try out this new smartphone Onetouch idolX. Is light and fast and now are available for Pre-Order at TEN TEN!!! Usual price is B$429.00 now pre-order is B$399.00 saja!

Light, Clean Clear Screen and can put two sim card too! Good for travel use like you want to get a Malaysia line but still want to have Brunei line at the same time! 
All this phone here can use two sim card one.. Prices from B$399.00 to B$139.00!!