My G-Hulk

Yeah... My new watch arrived!! I call this watch as G-Hulk. Isn't it look like a Incredible Hulk???
Nice right?? When the first time I saw it I already like it but just haven't got hearth to buy it.. last last I cannot tahan sudah and went to order!! Now I have another G-Shock for my collection! 
If you also interested to have one come join us in the G-Shock Group here! Buy in here are faster than go Singapore G-Factory lagi fast and cheaper!!!

I like the purple light!!!

Smurts Happy Meal

Bruthers... here comes the McD Happy Meal latest toy The Smurfs 2 is available now in Town!
Here are the 4 little Smurts for your next collections!!
Brainy, Handy, Hackus and Hefty. So hurry before out of stock!!

By the way Mcdonald's are inviting suitable candidates to join us for the following position:
(1) CREW



-       Diploma in Accountancy
-       Minimum 3 years or more of relevant working experience
-       Possess strong communication and interpersonal skills
-       Good Computer skills with working knowledge in Microsoft Word & Excel
-       Self- motivated and able to work independently

      -    Minimum 3 years or more of relevant working experience
-       Good Computer skills with working knowledge in Microsoft Word & Excel
-       Has an understanding of basic accounting
-       Has knowledge of procurement
-       Possess strong communication and interpersonal skills
-       Self- motivated and able to work independently
-       Holds a valid driving licence

Interested candidates must be Brunei Citizens or Permanent Residents and able to communicate in Malay and English.

For vacancy (1) & (2) & (3) please bring your C.V, a recent passport size photo and relevant documents to address below for walk-in-interview.

Applicants for vacancy (4) & (5) are invited to submit their application with details resume, certificates and testimonials, expected salary, a recent passport size photo and contact telephone number and email address to the following address not later than
10 September 2013 or email to:

Note: Only short listed candidates will be notified.
Unit 10, 11 & 12, Block H, Abdul Razak Complex
Jalan Gadong BE3519
Negara Brunei Darussalam
P.O.Box 1043, Gadong BE3978, Brunei Darussalam

Tel: 673- 2446970/2427713

Travel Fair At Bridex

The Travel Fair today fresh fresh kick off! Start from today until Sunday 1st September! 
Someone comment in my IG photo anything interesting there? Eh.. I was thinking if you are not think to travel I don't think there some some thing is interesting anymore not unless you want to come there just to cuci your mata looking at the girls here lah! 
Today is Friday and I think maybe is because the afternoon pray I don't think the people come here as much as macam last year lah! But I think tomorrow Saturday or Sunday will be more people coming... Or maybe the people already turn Smart this time they just go to the Travel Agents office and buy there not like last year q q q q for so long!!
I also thinking to buy some cheap air fair too but the timing to fly is not my time! 
Sometime I always think this fair I always don't have luck to buy one! Think of this is macam like a travel fair for the foreigner cheap ticket to balik kampong one! 
FYI if you want to travel please ask clear and clean don't just see the prices is cheap than buy. Coz I saw one booth go Tokyo 6Days3Night..... wah 6 days 3 nights so you tell me is this the sleepless tour kah this one??? So suggest nice and steady slow slow one by one go ask and check don't rush!!!

This year new package is Travel Now Pay Later!!!

I think I want to take this job!!!! lol

Who want to go Taiwan??

Hello my old friends!!! eh... normally my friends in Empire mostly is girls.... hehehe

I wonder why KK don't have prices!!!!

Malaysia Tourism Board having a big booth here to promote Malaysia!! Kuala Lurah... here I come!!

Lego Land!!! mmm... I think one more year I baru bring my kids there! Now too small go also sayang don't remember the trip!

Back to my kids time Lego is for Anak Orang Kaya Toy!!
That time where got Made In China one. One small small Lego toy also cost me one month no makan at school then baru can buy!!

Bruthers... remember you come here must try this Tea Tarik!!! Nice...

One dollars also can... Give Smarter a hand!!

Oh.... so this is the size of the 787!!! I heard is on the way coming home!!

This game is not easy oh!!! Lets try your luck too! 

Hey Fly..... Eat My Salts!!!

Siok siok siok.... this is fun lah Bruthers!!! My new toy Bug-A-Salt buy from Ebay one is worth for the cent lah! The morning I play this gun at home shot here shot there until I realize the salts at home cannot for me play like that, I must go out and buy some for my gun if not later after my mother want to cook lunch the time and found the kitchen is out of salt cannot cook I sure kana my mother marah one!
Is really fun to play with and you never know how fast is the salt you has shoot!
So I went HuaHo and reload my salt there! I never buy salt in my life before and I tot is around few dollars lupanya so cheap Only 60 cents saja but if the orang putih salt is 3 dollars something lah. So you see my gun bullets so cheap..only 60 cents one big box I think I can shoot for another thousand time lagi.
Morning at home not so much fly but when noon time come home cook lunch the time wa.. the fly like come home party makan buffet there! Apalagi my gun shot shot shot kill all them die!!
In three minutes saja I kill 6 flies around the sampah there! Nice... I feel like I'm a Fly Terminator now...hahaha
Tomorrow... I'LL BE BACK!!!

This is the best spot!!!

Use this salt can already not need to use the long bottle one!!

I can't wait tarus reload in my car!! hahaha

1,2,3,4,5,6 in three minutes!!!

Maybe I should wear this shirt to attract more flies come!! hehehe 

My Bug-A-Salt Arrived

Today I got 2 items arrive both also buy from online. One is the Fiber Flare the other one is Bug-A-Salt. I kinda disappointed of my Fiber Flare lah because is rosak not working one! This FF I order it 3 months ago and now baru arrive and some more rosak one of coz not happy lah! FF is a actually a lights for bicycle use one... although I don't have a bicycle but I still think this is a cool gadget so I buy lah.. I can use it at night as a torchlight or emergency light at home or outdoor. Is quite useful lah it also can blink blink too. So for a night riding bicycle kaki I strongly recommended to use this, Is flexible one can bending and come with different color with the light. But too bad lah I don't know why my one rosak one!!! This is really make me not so happy.. some more I bought it nearly B$45.00 T.T
But is Ok lah... got warranty and I wrote to the company sudah hope they can give me an answer lah!
Haiya..... lucky I got another good news is the Adult Toy Gun is arrived today too.. but this one is my friend help to buy one lah! 
Bug-A-Salt is a toy gun for a big boy like me. This gun is really unique is special use for killing house fly one!!! I saw this gun someone post this video in the FB it was so making me to own one... so there is one Saturday Night Fever I told my friend about this gun then we went to Ebay and found one man is selling this then after we have a couple of brave juice we all bought it on the spot! Six..... yes six person bought this gun on that night and it took one and half month arrive! 
Many people asking me how much I buy in the FB. Eh.. Bruthers this is a Man Toy... normally is not cheap one lah. If only buy one with the shipping it will cost almost an hundred Brunei dollars lah.. But that night we buy 6 so is cheaper a lot lah only B$60.00!!! Awesome right! 
Bug-A-Salt is specialist to kill HouseFly so is very good for Home or Restaurant to use! It not need use battery or batu, bullets... just use Salt only!!! Yes the Salt your mother use for cooking can already! 
My house have a lot flies fly here fly there in the kitchen especially lunch time! hehehe yeah tomorrow I can play with this see how many fly I kills!!!

Q at the Airport Lama post office.... lucky no tax, if kana tax habis lah pay for a broken item! 

I buy white color one... look cool right!!!

Lucky the Bug-A-Salt also come today got extra happiness for me!

Click the video see how the gun works! 

Check it out see how cool is the FiberFlare

What More Do You Want?

This is today google world currency exchange rate! 

What more do I want??? Of coz I want my money getting more and more lah! Nowadays no money cannot jalan, cannot lepak, cannot makan, enjoy, even you sick also need 2 dollars to see doctor at Ripas lah.... One dollars for Ripas and one dollars for Purple Bus!!!
No money in pocket also susah mau cari kawan ah... So as you can see money not need much but at least mau cukup pakai lah!!!

For people like us one.. have a small fortune in bank saja how to become a orang kaya!!!! Not unless the sky fall one big luggage of cash for you or you kana jackpot lah... Then only suddenly we can have extra money to spend is wait for Malaysia Ringgit drop lah!!! Ah like that everyone of use can spend extra money at Miri, Limbang, KK or Labaun there! 
So what more do I want?? Of coz you and me same same want the RM drop as much as it can lah... Drop until We one dollar change 3 ringgit is the best!!!
Wah... by the time I sure fly to KL shopping sampai I puas-puas loh!!! But of coz for the Malaysia people they are kasian lah especially for those parents have children study at oversea one.. Imagine that a man have 500k in bank he will lost 41k just because the rate form 2.4 become 3.0 exchange rate! Who will happy too? Of coz those Malaysian people who work cari duit in Brunei one lah!!!
I'm not sure this day B$1.00 = Rm3.00 can come or not but by looking the exchange rate from last 2 months 2.4 to last 2 weeks 2.5 then today is 2.6. omg if continue like that by this year October 3.0 is an possible thing to be happen!!!
Malaysia must do something about it liao... if not habis loh the people's money don't know why suddenly hilang oh!!!

This morning I left 2 dollars in my wallet and I malas got bank atm machine take money so I ask people in IG and FB what can I eat for my BF+Lunch! Some told me eat roti kosong, eat nasi katok... now I know what to do.. change to RM i have 5 ringgit and can eat 2 kolomee plus one tea tarik sudah.... hahahah

Epson 3D Projector

If you wanna look for at 3D projector this one may is the one you looking for!

The Epson EH-TW550 with it's affordable price of $1,288 and high Lumens count at 3,000 ANSI Lumens at Standard quality. With an expected lamp life of 5,000 hours and a native projection resolution of 1,280 x 800 dpi, the Epson EH-TW550 will take home entertainment to the next level. 

Next is the EH-TW8100 Full HD 3D Home Projector, available for $4,828 with 1080p resolution, the Epson EH-TW8100 will offer larger-than-life 3D projections at home at any time of the day. With brighter than ever projections from Epson's 3LCD and Lamp Boost Technology, the Epson EH-TW8100 will offer faithful colours, greater details, smoother gradations and no “colour break-up” effect. 

Epson is also focusing on improving the Colour Light Output on all the Epson 3D projectors, which would ensure beautifully balanced colours without sacrificing image quality and total brightness. The Epson EH-TW8100 will also offer flexible conversions from 2D to 3D for a fully immersive 3D experience, complete with depth control according to your preferences. It will also offer high contrast image quality using Epson's proprietary Crystal Clear Fine technology and inorganic LCD panels with Vertical alignment. This will ensure high-contrast and flawless image quality while also minimising polarised light leakage. 

 For more information on these or other products, please visit your nearest Concepts Computer showroom where Concepts will be having their Month End Specials, opening hours from 9 am to 9 pm from the 27th til 30th of August. Or call 2233551/2233552 or 2448102/2448103. 

The Epson EH-TW550 3D projector will also utilise automatic vertical keystone detection and adjustment controls to help make convenient adjustment of the projected images. This ensures that the easy-to-use horizontal keystone slider and auto vertical keystone adjustments will help make screen corrections quick, easy and accurate.

The Epson EH-TW8100 will also feature state of the art ventilation designs and Eco features. Ventilation will be focused on the front of the projector, to ensure that air intake and exhaust will remain unhindered even when the projector is place on narrow shelves. 

The 3D technology  Epson is introducing will utilise new radio frequency 3D glasses which are lighter than infrared 3D glasses and will have no restrictions in terms of better 3D viewing angles and eliminates transmission and “line of sight” interferences.

I'm kinda impress with the imagine of Epson EH-TW8100

Epson Sales Manager Eric Tang give the detail and feature of EH-TW550 to the media

Home Make Burritos

Remember my last post about I cook the Spaghetti one?? After that post me actually I want to eat this burritos long time sudah reason is because this Mexican food remind me my US trip lah...
So last weekend I cannot tahan sudah and went to Supa Save to buy the ingredients there. The tortilla not always have there I want this type one have sauce inside already so save my time to prepare the cook. Making Burritos is very easy one it just like our chinese Popia or Spring Roll just put everything on the roti and roll it!! 
But Burritos are more meat than Spring Roll lah.. if you are a Meat Lover sure you may like it!

So how to cook? simply lah... half kilo of minced beef fried with the sauce then the rest not need to cook liao... of coz there is many type of burritos out there... some are very hot and spicy, got nuts and mexican chili, olive so and so... some even got Wet burritos too.. Me today just make simple not hot dry burritos lah! 

See... simple right!!! Just buy tomatoes, minced beef, sayur, chess and koropok!!! 

 How to roll... easy lah.. Roti first... then sayur, then salsa sauce on the sayur, then beef, then tomato then chess....

Just like this....

 Simple as ABC.... now ready to roll like roll a Sushi Maki!!!

Then cut into half 45 degree put some potato chip... just incase you still not full!! Now my dinner are ready to serve! Like this one roll I already enough eat... Yummy!!!