Trash Scene Investigation

I notice that in Town our trash is getting bad and bad. Many place I can see like this kind of places people throwing rubbish even there is a sigh tell us not to buang already but still some people act like blind or don't know how to read still buang their rubbish there!
This is a serious problem now in our town.
Now right I'm already not surprise to see like this kind of scene at those commercial area like Gadong, Manglait, Kiarong, Kiulap, Sengkurong those complex they Buang their rubbish into one spot one.
You'll see the area like in third world country one... wah the rubbish is no cover, open air, fly, mouse, dog, cat having buffet there everyday!!! The air is really sting over the place... Some more I don't understand the people stay near that area how to tahan one!!!
I think this is have to chance. Modified the door ka, redesign the concepts where allow to buang, Saman the landlord for the area not hygiene....fix CCTV ka... what so ever lah there should be a can solve this problem.
Maybe the developer can considerate see see look look how other people in their country to handle their rubbish there. I don't think their City have such a problem like us here... they have bigger city than us, More population than us... but I don't see behind their building where their buang sampah got like us here....
For better Future, better life we have to change it now.

This is what I saw in Seattle. Behind the building where they buang the rubbish!  

This is what I saw at Tungku Link.....

This is what I saw at Manglait...

This is what I saw at Kiarong...
So do you see what I see something is wrong here?