Pondok Sari Wangi Sungkai Buffet

This is my this year first sungkai buffet I give it to the Pondok Sari Wangi at the Gardong branch.
This year had a bit different lah not like few years back. Me and my family makan together with Anak Brunei's family! 
Pondok Sari Wangi's Sungkai Buffet I think is the most reasonable of all sungkai buffet in town. The reason I say reasonable is not only the prices but also the dishes too. It just ngam-ngam make you eat just nice... not like other make you must eat banyak-banyak to gain back your money!!! Here is just nice!
Adult is B$13.00, children (age 4-12) B$7.00 (below 3 years old is free)
And the best parts is the menu daily change!!!!
Everyday they serve 4 indon dishes and 4 asian foods. That day I go makan we got Katam!!! 
I though the Katam is the first one finish but sekali after everyone start makan already I go take the foods... The Mee Goreng is the first one finish pulang!! Then I baru tau the PSW fried mee are the popular dishes there! 
Boss.... next time got Ayam Penyet don't forget to call me Ok!!!

Chili Crab!!!

The Popular Fried Mee!!!

Ayam Goreng

Sweet and Sour Fish

Sambal Lady Finger