My Home Internet Connection Alive

For the past few days my home internet connection slow like not snail... sikit sikit putus, sikit sikit not signal.. is really really suck lah! Is it me only or you all also having the same problem?
I went to attend a Malay relative engagement ceremony at Tutong inside inside the Bukit Ukong there their 3G internet connection is better and faster than my at home!!

So what's up for that pass few days around me? hehe did you listen me talk talk in the Radio?
Ya I was invite to PilihanFm 95.9 Chinese program to do a small segment is a talk about blogging. Every Sunday 5pm on air... is a short one... about 15 minutes like that!
I think my voice is a bit different in the radio lah. In youtube I watch my video I never felt malu but this one in the radio I don't know why I feel malu lah...hahaha!! Funny lah my voice like Cartoon inside there!
If you miss that then this Sunday don't forget to turn on the radio lo ok!!!