Minions Break Record Again Today.

This Minions toy now really getting wild and and wild. Not only in Malaysia people crazy about it even in Brunei here the Bruthers also gila about it too. During the Fasting Month McDonald's are open at 10am but the customer for the Minions already come here to Q at 8am sudah! By 9:45am the line already reach at the end of the block there. Again today I saw my friend Ah Yong he was in the front of the line but this time he is not the first one standing in front. It was an Aunty this time come early than him... Steady right!!! As you can see this Minions toys is not only for Young Boys Young Girls... here even uncle auntie also love this Minions too.. But mostly is they buy for their children and grand children one lah!

Many people pass by this area also stop and see what's going on wondering why there is so many people line up. Some of them thought that got free stuff like buy one free one...hehehe
I really surprise and proud that our bruthers everyone are follow the rules, one by one line up and Q no cut line or rush in like the Malaysia one sampit the door broken! 

The first time Mcd use 4 days to sold out the first batch, second batch just used 4 hours to finish the Minions.... Today lagi fast, and is the faster ever in Brunei history Mcdonald's happy meal toy sold out! Only used 1 hour and 45 minutes!! 
That is crazy.... 1200 minions all sold out just in 1 hour 45 minutes.... I had counted which mean that in a minute they sold out 4 Happy Meal!!!
Each person only can buy 3 happy meal so you can imagine the people got how many there already!!!

Next week is the last set of Minoins.... I heard their are going to hire security to help them for the line. Boys and Girls... remember next week bring your own chair there oh!!!
I wonder they can break the record of not next week!!

 This is the two Superstar for today, One can talk, one got light!!

 See... no tipu one... I'm stand at the last one right in front the last shop!!

 Eh... I saw many people escape work just to come here for the Minions oh!!!

 This guy he smart... Bring his own chair!!

 Ah Yong....... Is you again ka!!!
No lah... the aunty early than me....

I got special pass come in here from the VIP entrance.

 Before open the door everyone pray Doa Selamat first!!!

 So this is the two bad boy everyone come for it!!!

Wow.. that is a long Happy Meal's box!!!

Click and Watch the video during open the door!!

Happy Meal.... Not need to say one lah... Feed me with Happy Meal!!!
Hurry..... lol

 I see many familiar faces here...hehehe

 You guys Rock!!!

 A Happy Face you can tell with Yong!!!

 With in 1 hours 45 minutes saja this sign put up in front the door sudah!

 They have out of Minions but Hello Kitty people some like too!!!

Sampai the Strawberry ShortCake also people want too!!!