KFC Brunei Sengkurong Branch Drive Thru Service Is On

Brunei first real fast food drive thru service finally have here already! Is the KFC new outlet at the Sengkurong. This time the new branch is totally different then others. Is no more like renting a unit shopping complex like the one at Gadong or Kiulap. This new one is a whole building is use by them! Me long no pass by this area sudah and just now when I go there I was shock to see Wa...since when this place here got such a building and when it pop out one oh!!!
The place is unique and big but too bad the parking macam like not enough in the front. Maybe that is mean to Drive Thru for Tapao saja. At the back there also have parking too but need pay a little bit careful lah.. if not you gonna masuk longkang nanti!!
Now open a Fasting Month... Ngam lah go there tapao not need susah-susah cari parking. Follow the Q and place your order, pay money then take your tapao and go!  Easy as ABC....
Opening from 7am until 11pm daily also available morning breakfast, Krushers, and egg tarts will be available in August. Beside the Drive Thru, Dine-in and takeaway will also be available there.

First Easy Drive to here and make sure your car not higher than 2.5 meter oh!!

 Look at the menu and know what you want to order!!! 

 Then take to the screen and tell them what you want.. Like what I did..

 I want....... Egg Tart and... the.... Nasi Ayam Penyet...hehehe

 Then after you place your order this is the place you pay! 

 Hello... welcome to KFC Drive Thru 

 Then after a turn you come to this counter to collect your tapao! 

 KFC always serve you with a smile!

 Here are the extra car park at the back of the building. You can park here to dine in! 

 But I feel like parking my car behind people's backyard hehehe

This is the thing I have to tell you all be careful. Anytime silap you may masuk to the longkang!

Recommended to put up some warning sigh or some partition