I Didn't Know It Run Already!!

I didn't know that my house FTTH already working for couple of days. No one was info us and yet I still stupid stupid there everyday using the old stupid stupid slow broadband in my house!
Last month there is one TelBru contractor came to my house and want to fit the fiber optic and replace the old phone line. At the same time they also give this wifi router too. During that time I don't Espeed one.. I using the broadband router and masuk wifi. Then until last 2 week me and sister decide apply the Espeed. The Telbru people told us it take one week for the people come to fit it for us but we wait and wait and wait and wait still haven't see anyone coming!
Until today I saw the router light bling bling there... then I notice this is going on there! Then I connect it baru I know the internet is running already... I don't have the hand manual of the set so I didn't put password in it. I think there is someone or my neighbor  already use my line and that's why it bling bligh there!
Now got Password already thanks to my friend came to my house and help me to set! Not I got 5M sudah... Awesome!!!