Gerai Ramadan Tutong

Yesterday balik Kampong spot check durian on the way back to bandar stop by at the Tutong town gerai ramadan. I notice that the Tutong gerai got more organizing that the Stadium one! Visitor are not allow park their car suka-suka hati at the road side there. Got Police car round round and checking tu don't play play! But that area is huge lah.. you can easily find parking at the National Isolated Center there or behind the gerai there!  
So what so special there have there??? Eh... honestly I don't see what special foods there have lah...the only thing special is I saw one stall selling a very big size of Tumpi. Wah so Kiasu one... so big how to eat oh! I know my niece she like to eat but I didn't buy coz don't want let them her eat too much of Goreng stuff lah! 
Nothing much to buy and did not see any new stuff selling this year! There is 2 more Gerai Ramadan I haven't go which is the Bandar and Gadong one... Hopefully got something fancy there lah!