Empire Hotel Sungkai Buffet

There is too many place to makan sungkai buffet in town and that is why some time we also don't know choose which one to makan. Here just a little bit idea for you all see what the Empire Hotel can serve your belly lah!. Sorry I can't tell you how good is that coz I didn't makan! Why me no try it because me every year first week of puasa I usually go for the Sungkai Buffet one... Coz I think it should me let the muslim friends enjoy the meal first. They are the one who whole day no makan and why should I go there and campur. If invited I also come after the 7pm... let them makan first then I baru join! 
This year Empire Hotel give you 3 place for you to choose where and what you want to eat!
Atrium Cafe (main building) is serving the Sungkai ala Minang is a Indonesia cuisine. If you like kampong style for you sungkai there is the one for you. B$28.00 per person and is everyday for the whole month of Ramadan, For reservation call 2418888 Ext 77329

If you like Seafood also have but not everyday tu... Only Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Pantai Restaurant B48.00 per person. I personally prefer their Seafood lah not only the food is nice but also the view there also better. Can one side enjoy makan and one side relax enjoy the Sunset view there! good kan... For reservation call 2418888 ext 77496  

Then the next is the Li Gong lah... from 1st day Pausa till 22nd July is All You Can Eat B$28.00 per person. Then 23th July to to 8th August is Hot Pot Buffet B$26.00 per person! 

 So which one you want to try???

The staff get ready for setting up all the foods at Atrium Cafe!

My wife she said she feel like want to try it here! 
But me I want Pantai!

Pantai Restaurant the foods here are the type I prefer! 

Chili Crab... yummy

Salmon Steak Teriyaki Sauce

Spaghetti Meat Sauce with Rasher

Stir Fried Mussel and Clam With chili and tomato sauce. 

Beef Medallion Black Pepper Sauce