Beach Bunch Biggest Cleanup 2013

I was so touching there is so many people came to join us for the beach cleaning. We are target for 1500 people coming for this.. no so bad it turn out eight hundred plus people show out at the Tungku Beach! See I told you already is fun right!! Look at the people came to join us...
 Back to few years back ago the first time I joining Beach Bunch cleanup the beach is only have less than 50 people. Now is 17 times more people coming to help to clean the beach. I can see that now there is more and  more Brunei people are concern about the Beach cleaning issue here but this is not ended yet... There is still littering, rubbish is coming soon coz still many people buang what there bring to the beach. 
We need more people some can care, love and enjoy the beach in Brunei... so am I going to see you all again at September International Coastal Cleanup??