Are You Minions?

What is the hot tropic in this month? I guess everyone also know is the McDonald's Happy Meal toys laj!!! This toys Minions is getting crazy and the wind already blow to here sudah. Of coz the people here are not as crazy as like Malaysia there lah.. Morning Midnight also got people start line up to buy the toys!! The Happy Meal is origin for Kids but now the Adults also come to buy the meal sudah!
How the Minions are how popular here? Last night I was told by the Mcd management today they are going to start sell the 2nd batch version of the Minions but in the afternoon saja they told me all sold out already!! Wahh half day saja all gone.... as you can see how popular is it now! In Malaysia more gila... One hours saja all gone sudah.. and one outlet sampai their shutter door also rosak!! Lagipun the people who cannot get the toys and bit until 400 plus RM in the Ebay!! 
Now I'm so curious is how much does it worth for the complete set if people want to offer me...hehehe
This remind me back to many years ago the Hello Kitty dolls also people crazy like hell.. now again this wind blow back again!
But do you know that the US version and our one in Asian here are different?
The posing and quality also different too! I think this Minions are going to crazy for few more weeks lagi tu!!! Btw... the next batch is release on next week Thursday 25th July... If you want to collect you all Minions don't forget the date oh!!!

I also one of the Minions now!!!

This is the complete set of Minions in Brunei!!!

This is from US and Canada!!! courtesy to Clement Ow

Remember the date oh!

 This is in Malaysia... 
I wonder we Brunei here got people crazy like them or not oh!!!

Gila.... eh!!!