Another Year, Another Routine

Yeah.... this is another year again for the Gerai Ramadan for Food Hunting with this couple the Beach Bunch's President and the First Lady! Last year (HERE) we go two place Stadium and the Gadong but this year we only go Stadium coz the weather is too hot after the stadium one we already cannot tahan sudah! I feel like my feet kana sunburn there! This year the Gerai Ramadan was that fancy as like two years ago and also I not buying much too. Not like 2 years ago I makan the Kapow 5.0 and now if you ask me to do it again... Sorry I cannot anymore! This year I just buy their Pineapple Salsa...mmm good not bad! 
One stall I must share with all is the one who selling Chicken pie one... Don't look at it a small chicken pie like nothing special oh and selling for B2.50 (buy 4 get one free) and is really yummy. What so Special about the pie? Don't play play... fyi that is the original recipe from The DOME. If you still remember The Dome's chicken pie at the Mall (now is the Cheeze Box) Ya that is the pie lah!
How I know....hehehe ada lah!!!

Sorry bro.. this year I can't try your Kapow 5.0... my belly is oversize sudah...heheh!!

Panggang..... yummy!! Is it from USA ka boss!!!

This is the pie I talk about lah!! recommend must try!

Sugarcane juice!!! Must cold cold one!! In Kuching there they have Sugarcane campur Coconut... I don't see here got people selling... mmm maybe I selling it next year..hehehe! 
SugarCane campur Coconut in Kuching are very famous there but must use young coconut lah! (See Here)

Look like this year not new special color!!

Pineapple Salsa by the Kapow! 

And this is my Cendol from the Temburong sepcial delivery from there...sorry gerai here don't have!