Do You Want To Fly With One Extra Free Ticket???

Now who want to go makan angin with your Love or BFF or even buy your daddy mommy just need to buy one ticket and get one for free???
I no tipu you one... is true Bruthers!!! Brunei Standard Chartered Bank have an awesome promotion for all the Standard Chartered Bank credit card holder. In this coming 3 weeks (one week one time) there is 3 selected destination be the first 50 customer buy the ticket at the and you'll get one ticket for free!! Limited tu bruthers.... One destination only have 50 tickets free saja! So if ngam-ngam that is the place you want to go ah siok lah can safe some more money for shopping there! 

For the people who plan to fly Kuala Lumpur one... ah you are lucky coz this week the first destination is fly to Kuala Lumpur!!! Be the first 50 customer you'll get one for free. Hurry up call your friends see who want to join you fly to KL!!! Eh don't play play oh it save a lot oh... the money can spend at Mid-Valley for shopping lagi best tu! 
So such a good deal how do you know when they start? When can buy?
Simple lah bruthers... Follow them at their Facebook Page (Click Here) Like it... or visit their website page (Click Here) or... click the image at above!!
Remember this Booking period: 31 July 2013 (Wednesday), 11am - 2pm. Only have 3 hours saja to buy your ticket at I'm sure is gonna be crazy during that hours so better do it fast oh....
So Bruthers don't miss it oh and don't forget to read the T&C oh!!!

Acer Iconia A1

The Acer Iconia B1 tablet really selling like a hot cake in town because is so popular, everyone can afford to buy not expensive many people love to have it. heheh... honestly I also have one at home. Now the Concepts Computer they bring in another one Better, Faster, Bigger Acer Iconia tablet to town which is call A1. Acer Iconia A1 just arrived and now is available at Concepts Computer sudah.
The new Iconia A1 come with 1.2GHz,8GB, 7.9 inch XGA screen, 5mp camera. Price is awesome B$228.00 with 3 years warranty during Ramadhan month.   

Is Handy, Light and the price is awesome... Everyone can afford to buy. 

The new Acer Iconia screen not only bigger but also Crystal Clear and shape too!!

@Ammirulammar checking out the new Iconia A1

Zul Abdul Rahman, marketing executive of concepts computer and staff show the new Acer Iconia A1.

Click here to watch the review! 

Minions Break Record Again Today.

This Minions toy now really getting wild and and wild. Not only in Malaysia people crazy about it even in Brunei here the Bruthers also gila about it too. During the Fasting Month McDonald's are open at 10am but the customer for the Minions already come here to Q at 8am sudah! By 9:45am the line already reach at the end of the block there. Again today I saw my friend Ah Yong he was in the front of the line but this time he is not the first one standing in front. It was an Aunty this time come early than him... Steady right!!! As you can see this Minions toys is not only for Young Boys Young Girls... here even uncle auntie also love this Minions too.. But mostly is they buy for their children and grand children one lah!

Many people pass by this area also stop and see what's going on wondering why there is so many people line up. Some of them thought that got free stuff like buy one free one...hehehe
I really surprise and proud that our bruthers everyone are follow the rules, one by one line up and Q no cut line or rush in like the Malaysia one sampit the door broken! 

The first time Mcd use 4 days to sold out the first batch, second batch just used 4 hours to finish the Minions.... Today lagi fast, and is the faster ever in Brunei history Mcdonald's happy meal toy sold out! Only used 1 hour and 45 minutes!! 
That is crazy.... 1200 minions all sold out just in 1 hour 45 minutes.... I had counted which mean that in a minute they sold out 4 Happy Meal!!!
Each person only can buy 3 happy meal so you can imagine the people got how many there already!!!

Next week is the last set of Minoins.... I heard their are going to hire security to help them for the line. Boys and Girls... remember next week bring your own chair there oh!!!
I wonder they can break the record of not next week!!

 This is the two Superstar for today, One can talk, one got light!!

 See... no tipu one... I'm stand at the last one right in front the last shop!!

 Eh... I saw many people escape work just to come here for the Minions oh!!!

 This guy he smart... Bring his own chair!!

 Ah Yong....... Is you again ka!!!
No lah... the aunty early than me....

I got special pass come in here from the VIP entrance.

 Before open the door everyone pray Doa Selamat first!!!

 So this is the two bad boy everyone come for it!!!

Wow.. that is a long Happy Meal's box!!!

Click and Watch the video during open the door!!

Happy Meal.... Not need to say one lah... Feed me with Happy Meal!!!
Hurry..... lol

 I see many familiar faces here...hehehe

 You guys Rock!!!

 A Happy Face you can tell with Yong!!!

 With in 1 hours 45 minutes saja this sign put up in front the door sudah!

 They have out of Minions but Hello Kitty people some like too!!!

Sampai the Strawberry ShortCake also people want too!!!

Fly.... One More Passenger For Free

Have you thinking want to Fly some where for vacation with your love one but just need to buy one ticket?
Planing to travel some where and then suddenly don't know where another ticket fall down from the sky for you?
I'm not kidding and tipu you... soon..very soon some place some where there is a this good deal coming too town. You must follow me my blog, Facebook Page, Twitter or Instagram I'll anytime tell you When and Where and How to get this Lobang oh Bruther! 
This is a very rare promote, not every time have one oh... so if you want good lobang please don't miss it, Only limited ticket saja and I'm sure is very fast habis! 
There is 3 specific selected destination, in three weeks time, every Wednesday..... 
To Be Continue......

Trash Scene Investigation

I notice that in Town our trash is getting bad and bad. Many place I can see like this kind of places people throwing rubbish even there is a sigh tell us not to buang already but still some people act like blind or don't know how to read still buang their rubbish there!
This is a serious problem now in our town.
Now right I'm already not surprise to see like this kind of scene at those commercial area like Gadong, Manglait, Kiarong, Kiulap, Sengkurong those complex they Buang their rubbish into one spot one.
You'll see the area like in third world country one... wah the rubbish is no cover, open air, fly, mouse, dog, cat having buffet there everyday!!! The air is really sting over the place... Some more I don't understand the people stay near that area how to tahan one!!!
I think this is have to chance. Modified the door ka, redesign the concepts where allow to buang, Saman the landlord for the area not hygiene....fix CCTV ka... what so ever lah there should be a can solve this problem.
Maybe the developer can considerate see see look look how other people in their country to handle their rubbish there. I don't think their City have such a problem like us here... they have bigger city than us, More population than us... but I don't see behind their building where their buang sampah got like us here....
For better Future, better life we have to change it now.

This is what I saw in Seattle. Behind the building where they buang the rubbish!  

This is what I saw at Tungku Link.....

This is what I saw at Manglait...

This is what I saw at Kiarong...
So do you see what I see something is wrong here?

No More Withdraw???

How come like that??? Cannot take money no more? I went to Sumbangsih there and wann take money to pay my bill for servicing my car so I ask my sister to send me there and take money lah. Mana tau the ATM machine cannot withdraw money one... Is not that the ATM no money, is the atm machine don't allow withdraw one!!! Funny kan.. I remember I had taken money there for several time but today I don't see the machine have the function allow to do withdraw! there is not button or word Withdraw there in the screen! I see Deposit, Top Up, Pay Bill but no withdraw!! And another one machine when I insert my atm card it say my card cannot use at this machine!!! So last last I went to Kiarong there and take money lah! 
Funny kan... how come like that? Is that because is a new policy??? 

Don't Want Already???

I notice this green car has been abandoned here for many days already. If I'm not wrong almost 2 weeks already buang here at the Tungku Link highway to Gadong there. Not sure why the owner put there and go away.. It no salah I think is rosak sudah cannot go. But still it has to move away cannot just leave it there like that.. is kinda danger for other road user. Some how this road got many people pakai bicycle in this case they sure drive out and it may hit by car from behind tu!!!
Please move it away lah... 

HAppy Birthday To My Maid

I didn't notice the sentence of my maid's T-Shirt until people told me. Treat Me Like An Angel. 
Ya I don't think many people can do that this way treat their maid like an angel...
Few days ago we but a birthday cake for my maid and celebrate her 20 years old birthday at home. Yeah she happy but I think our kids lagi happy!! Now at home as long as go people birthday surely the kids is the one who happy! Coz that is the only chance to blow birthday cake! Now for them Happy Birthday is just a game for them... Soon you see I'm posting up birthday photo lagi tu... During September that month have a lot people birthday one...
Why so many people birthday during September??? Because they are Made during X'mas or New Year Eve..... lol

New Focus 1.6 Is Here!

Thinking of buying a new car? Now here come the Ford Focus 1.6 for you choose at the Premier Auto.
The one Ford 1.6 Ti-VCT engine come with 7 color fresh fresh for you Bruthers... Few days ago baru arrived at the port and today have a launch at the showroom. This 1.6 one body same same like the ST one... but I think the spoiler is nicer and sporty than the ST. This baby is come with 6-speed Dual Clutch Automatic Transmission, Maximum Power 125@6,300 ( PS (kw)/rpm) obviously this is enough power for a man after work take out his necktie and have fun on the road liao lah! It also got few feature which I like to have in my car but too bad I not using Ford! 
Is has "Torque Vectoring Control" to help you preventing slippage as the outer wheel gain traction and control. 
"Ford SYNC™ with over 10.000 voice recognition.
 "Bluetooth® with Voice Command" Paring your Smart Phone.
"Auto-Air Conditioning with Dual Zone Climate Control"
And many more.... and the most important one is Safety feature lah.. It won the EURO NCAP for 5 stars... don't play play not many car can get five start one you know!!!
Interested??? Let got to the Premier Auto showroom there have a look!!!

 Mark Paren giving a introduction of the new Ford Focus 

Ta Da......

What do you think... which spoiler nicer?

Media try out the Voice Command 

Uncle Tan won a Apple Mini iPad during the lucky draw! 

Are You Minions?

What is the hot tropic in this month? I guess everyone also know is the McDonald's Happy Meal toys laj!!! This toys Minions is getting crazy and the wind already blow to here sudah. Of coz the people here are not as crazy as like Malaysia there lah.. Morning Midnight also got people start line up to buy the toys!! The Happy Meal is origin for Kids but now the Adults also come to buy the meal sudah!
How the Minions are how popular here? Last night I was told by the Mcd management today they are going to start sell the 2nd batch version of the Minions but in the afternoon saja they told me all sold out already!! Wahh half day saja all gone.... as you can see how popular is it now! In Malaysia more gila... One hours saja all gone sudah.. and one outlet sampai their shutter door also rosak!! Lagipun the people who cannot get the toys and bit until 400 plus RM in the Ebay!! 
Now I'm so curious is how much does it worth for the complete set if people want to offer me...hehehe
This remind me back to many years ago the Hello Kitty dolls also people crazy like hell.. now again this wind blow back again!
But do you know that the US version and our one in Asian here are different?
The posing and quality also different too! I think this Minions are going to crazy for few more weeks lagi tu!!! Btw... the next batch is release on next week Thursday 25th July... If you want to collect you all Minions don't forget the date oh!!!

I also one of the Minions now!!!

This is the complete set of Minions in Brunei!!!

This is from US and Canada!!! courtesy to Clement Ow

Remember the date oh!

 This is in Malaysia... 
I wonder we Brunei here got people crazy like them or not oh!!!

Gila.... eh!!!