After I explain you why Teh~O how the O come from... Today I tell you how the Teh~C the C come from!
Just in case you had missed my Teh~O you can click HERE and have some!!!
I'm sure everyone of you have try the Teh~C before.. If you haven't try it you are not an Asian! Every time you and me go Kopitiam sure got people order this Teh~C, Teh~C Peng, Kopi~C or Peng. But have you ever wondering the"C" is mean for what? Aiyo... we know Teh~C or Kopi~C is got come with the Milk one... but why have to call "C"??
Simple lah.... because long long time ago before the Internet born but in the kopitiam there people already have the Carnation Condensed Mlik in the tea... but no school high high like me English not good don't know how to speak only learn the words A-B-C...  So see the C big big printed on the can of Carnation so just call it Teh with the Chop C...c...c......(with hand sign C)  So slowly people just call it Teh~C replace of calling Tea with Carnation Condensed Milk......
Now you know why Teh-C is call Teh-C already?  Bah when you see me buy me a Teh-C and say OIC...!!! Thank Q Thank Q!!!