Site Inspection

Yesterday me and the Beach Bunch committee we went to Tungku Beach for site inspection to see how is the conditions of the beach. Ya... as usual the place have a lot of rubbish, plastic bag and plastic bottle around the place. Tungku Beach rubbish is not like Meragang or Serasa Beach mostly come from the river to the sea and back to the beach. Tungku Beach's rubbish is come from the we people visit there and littering the area. Hopefully our coming event can help the Brunei and wake up the public how important is that to keep our Brunei Beaches Clean.
We going to have a  clean up at Sunday 30th June 2013 7:30am. This is our Beach Bunch biggest event ever... we going to target 1500 volunteers come and clean up the beach in conjunction with the World Environment Day. 
1500 people.. wow I don't know how many kilo of rubbish we all collect during that day but I sure is gonna be a record tu!!! If you want to join us you can go to the Beach Bunch website to register (Click Here

I'm not surprise to see it like this anymore!!!

Dating, Fishing, Picnic... Is it if the place cleaner are much more better and fun!!  

I wonder who it look like the 1500 people to clean the place!!!

Everyone are welcome to be part of this clean up. This is place where we doing the cleaning!!