PSW Sengkurong Branch New Menu

Is been a long while that the Pondok Sari Wangi at Sengurong branch no new menu release already. The last time I remember is like 2 year ago (See Here) now finally they launch their new menu. 
There is few dishes you should have a try which is the Ketam Goreng Sari Wangi and the Gulai Lamb Shank. I try to no eat with rice but once I have a bite of the foods I tarus cal the waitress give me some rice... I cannot tahan oh it must eat it come with rice especially the chili garlic of the crab.. wow make my rice so tasty!! I must go back there again coz I know my wife she like the  Sambel Goreng Udang Pete tu!!

Ketam Goreng Sari Wangi

 Gulai Lamb Shank

 Ikan Serongsong Bakar Padang

Gulai Urat

 Soto Padang

 Tempe Goreng Mandoan

 Sambel Goreng Udang Pete

 Sotong Bakar Padang

 Sambel Hijau Ikan Bilis

 Ayam Bakar Padang

 Dendeng Batokok

 Terong Belado

Gulai Kikil and Gulai Babat

Oh Come on.... How to Finish it oh!!!