Programme Natural Camp 2013

Last Saturday I together with the Beach Bunch members we went to Berakas Forest Reserve Recreational Park there play and educating the kids how important to keep our beaches clean. We are invited by the forestry department and give a presentation to the students who attend for the Programme Nature Camp 2013. This is my second time I came here.. The first time was hang out with the Smarter Brunei now I came back this place again and it look something different liao. The facilities is more better than last time I saw, now got a hall can use as a Surau, Meeting room or Banquet also can. To rent the place it cheaper as I thought. This is a place to get back and touch the nature so don't expected got tv, bed and aircon in the only have fan saja!!! So bring your own Dreamland mattress there if you want a comfy night lah!
The other things I discovered is there is a very beautiful park look like a golf course right behind it. That is a place that good for bring my kids to cycling there one day and also there have some playground too. I believe me not the only one don't know about this place.. If you want to go just remember when you go to berakas recreation park first simpang at the right go down and all the way to the end of the road saja!!