If you like to eat peanut like the chop tangan, old man or the eagle one I'm sure you know in a package of peanut the red one is very hard to have. Some time only have less than 5 in a package so once you open the nut and found is red type is like found a piece of gold. 
I love to have this red skin one coz is totally taste 2 times better than the normal white skin one....
The smell is more stronger and is more sweeter. 
Last saturday night fever I found twice of this type red skin peanut, normally is always come with 2 nut is same color but that night I got one is white one is red in a shell.
This type is nut from the shell is same like other peanut shell... so from outside we cannot tell inside is red or white so as you can imagine that how many nut I have to eat then I can found the red one in a package... once I found this is very hard to share!!