Panda Security To Protect Your PC

Check it out Concepts Computer launching a full range of new computer security softwares from Panda Security. Good Buy, Best Buy, Must Buy... Now new new just launch they have a special and affordable price for three line up. First is the most affordable security solution, the Panda Anti-Virus Pro 2013 on promotion for $18 only, down from the usual price of $28. The Panda Anti-Virus 2013 is able to provide advance protection from the latest threats through the use of fast and up-to-date protection against viruses, during web-browsing or during multimedia use.

Next on offer is a security solution that is perfect for the protection of your family and for the protection of your on-line identity; the Panda Internet Security 2013, available for a promotional price of $22, compared to their regular price of $38. Panda Internet Security 2013 is able to protect your credit card and personal data, able to protect your family through Parental Controls, and able to provide back-up for your files locally or online.

Last on offer is Panda Global Protection 2013, available on promo for $28 only, down from the regular price of $48. Panda Global Protection 2013 is able to provide full and maximum protection for consumers without breaking the bank, especially when taking into account Concepts' promotional launch prices. It is able to provide protection of personal data through total file encryption and password management, while also able to improve your computer's performances through a built-in PC Optimization tool. for these three security softwares, Panda Security is providing 13 months license for usage, which is 1 year plus an extra month, to show thanks for the confidence that their customers have shown in Panda Security products in the past.
For more information, please visit your nearest Concepts Computer showroom or call 2233551/2233552/2233553 or 2448102/2448103.