Overhauling My G-Shock

Yea... finally my G-Shock spare part arrive and now my watch can turn back into as new as the first day I have her! I have use this G-Shock I think almost 4 year already bought it at Yayasan watch shop.
During the time I buy it is was shining and glittering but after  few years I wear it like go for war one, hit here bang there, rubbing and scratching there the watch's belt look like not longer life to live. Lucky got this group HERE help me to look for the spare part now my watch back top new again.
I change it myself... is very easy to change one just need open 6 screws only!
But when I open it I just knew that my watch inside is very dirty oh!! Cant believe that I wear it with me all the time day and night! I took it to wash using toothpaste and now it smell like a melton hehehe