Need To Take Action This Places

If I'm the one who stay at the house behind this rubbish I'll ask the god.... What have I done wrong and need to suffering this bad smell everyday!!! They have windows and couldn't open it coz is not the fresh air coming in, Living with the neighbor Flies and Mouse and unknown diseases!!!
What's the different staying in the meddle of the dumping field.... if this is my house worth for a million dollar which mean that I'm a Slumdog Millionaire. How can this place suitable for a civilize human people living?
This is area I sure many of you had passing by especially you have a bank account opened at the Kiarong Baiduri Bank. It just at the end of the road of the complex. I was shock to see this area getting worst and massy... dirty and smelly, no way you or me can stay there more that a minute. Even there is a big nice car park right next to it I also rather park 15 meter away from it!
When I pass by here this morning I saw the Mickey Mouse and family so happy jumping up and down in the ClubHouse. Plastic Chair, Sofa, Water Heater, Mattress just buang next to it... 
But just 50 meter away only that is a small little beautiful garden/green park just launched not so long ago by the Baiduri Bank and now is spoiled by this ugly smelly unhygienic mouse flies and nyamok's heaven...
Sad to heard it isn't it!!! We are looking for better life to living, create a better community to stay but some time things isn't what we planned. Thinking of this is not my shit.... the landlord are the one who need take actions... I have nothing to do with it!! Oh look that is the restaurant rubbishes and I'm just a office renting here! Die die die.... if everyone think like that die loh!!!! What's the point to create such a nice garden and parking but spoiled by this corner!!! Sad lah and pity the families who stay behind of it!!!
The banana tree got banana I also don't dare to eat it ah!!!! If not do it now we malay have a sentence is Sedikit-sedikit lama-lama jadi bukit!!! Don't know when I can see people buang cars here!