Killing Me Softly With This Haze

This is the two photos are my friends send to me this morning... Above is the from Singapore friend, below is from Jakarta. So jialat lah now Singapore like Armageddon movie the asteroid hit the earth and now the cover by the dust no lights. Jakarta is hazy also but not as bad as like Singapore. I read the news it say this morning the psi reading is over 400 liao... wow crazy lah! Don't know how long it gonna be like that lah... Here me this morning I send my wife to work the sky also like yellow yellow one. Morning and night is bad.. day time still ok coz the sun heat the air hot and bring the haze up but night time the haze is coming down again.
Yesterday I see the news paper say don't open burning but when evening from Gadong to Rimba highway to Jerudong still can see many people don't care about the haze and still burn burn burn like no body business there! 
 I think it should be telling the public less doing outdoor activities like jogging, hiking, football or cycling...not just  have to wait until very Unhealthy air level baru tell people not to go out door!!
Like this 2 days the haze already start making me my throat dry and itchy sudah loh apa lagi wait until for the 300 mark psi!!!
If you want to update the latest PSI reading you can go to the Department of Environment, Park and Recreation   and see your location reading!!!