Joe's Crab Shack At Jacksonville Beach

 You know I love foods and I'm sure everyone here too. I do share this place at my #TigerLimGoUSA Day 8 but I did it in Fast And Furious way.... Actually it has a lot of picture I took but no time to post, now I'm back home and can show you more about the place how nice and fun and worth to go makan there! 
Joe's Crab Shack got many outlet across around the USA, this one I go is at the Jacksonville Beach and it's just next to the beach so is an really awesome place to have seafoods. 
This place you'll find really unique... like a old man use wood built a wood beach house, celling also just use kampong air roof to cover saja... and hang a huge big shark. Some how suddenly the waitress and staffs start dancing once the music play...
If you can choose sit inside or outside. But outside sometime the seagull fly over you head and poo-poo  on your foods.. so make sure your head and foods are under the big umbrella la! 
Their foods is really amazing but I suggest you share it with your friends whatever you want to try in the menu coz you under estimate their portion of their foods... It's say for one person but for us Asian is 2 person!!! So come here must try their crabs and lobster!!! This two is a must bruthers... is not you'll still haven't come here before! They serve you their food in a net and it feel like really fresh and is seafoods.

Every corner got different style and look... did you see the ceiling??? lol

FYI the time now is 7:55pm and the sky is still bright there!

All the waitress here are so friendly and sweet!!! 

Snow Crab.... yummy baby!!!

Oh..... I miss them... I wanna eat one  more time!

Look... this is for one person!!!! see you understand why I say must share share right!!!

Their corn really sweet yo!!!