Is A J? Is A L? No.... Is Super &!!!

Yesterday I was passing by the Kiarong carpark where you take the shuttle bus to RIPAS. Then I notice a word that I don't know what is it and I stop by and check it out. Is say... Park... look like a L, J ,RJ Ride... and this words is 5 times bigger than Ripas Hospital just next to it!!!
I never see this sign before, I should #AskRobin first but too bad I can text the word and or picture send to him so I ask people in Facebook. Then one guy told me it's a '&' of the font 'Monotype Corsiva'. Oh... Ok is an &... that's new, never see people use that hmmm I learn something new today! But I still don't understand why the Ripas Hospital 5 times smaller than the Park & Ride??? 

Did you see the Ripas Hospital words there??? So small how to see??