I Need To Get Ready

This is yesterday noon sky... no more blue sky and white clouds... only while and blur blur haze!!!
Oh please please please.... Please not repeat the same thing again the haze hit almost the whole South East Asia back in 1997 due to the indonesia Kalimantan and Sumatra  forest fire (See Here) I still remember during that time every one have to use mask go every where even I go bank I also wear a mask. Some time at night I also wear it and sleep. Is really bad and suffering, the air is bbq every where, people sick every where... Every morning or night see news report the PSI reading.
I still remember every night I have to get ready a bottle of water next to my bed coz mid-night or morning my throat sure dry dry one!!
Now once again this haze is back again, I really hope that is not going to be as worst as 1997 lah!
But look at the condition now really hard to say oh... like yesterday in Singapore the PSI reading is above 300 which mean that is in very unhealthy condition liao (see here). Don't know when the wind blow the haze to here... If last time I'm still bujang ok lah I don't mind but now I have two anak already I don't to see them suffering batok batok there at home!!! But still this is not so big deal... Me yang kasian is that some people anak got Asthma one... atu yang more kasian, every night masuk RIPAS to breath the oxygen in the emergency room.. see also kasian them!!
I think I have to prepare and get ready for some mask liao.. don't like last time last minute look for the mask don't have stock and yet they mark up the price just to make more money!!! Really ridiculous only few cents thing can sell for few dollars!!!

Those are the country kana effected by the haze during 1997... see jialat or not!!