E-Cigarette Is Not Smoking????

If you tell me that you Sucking E-Cigarette and Blow the white white thing is not smoking then please update me what are you sucking there!!!
Are you try to telling me your Electronic Cigarette is like a  Kola which is not a bear or The Bat is not a Bird is it?
I really don't get it where do this people get the idea or info that the E-Cigi are allow to smoke indoor, restaurants and offices!!! The reason they don't think is salah is because the E-Cigi is come out vapor not smoke!!! 
 what kind of the bull shit is that... which is meat that I also can kill cat and dog to eat because they are taste like Chicken!!!!
It doesn't matter what you smoke... when it say 'No Smoking' is no smoking allow!!!!
Check it out what is Smoke in dictionally!!!
Smoke ~ A visible suspension of carbon or other particles in air. Emit smoke or visible Vapor!!!
 A no school high high 6 years old kids also know see you with the E-Cigi is smoking lah
I bet you do it in the Cinema see can or not... If are allow to do so which mean is accepted to smoke indoor!!!