Acer Aspire R7 And P3

Check it out the Acer Aspire R7... the notebook design for Touch. Baru just launched and is really cool. It give me think that it just like a transformer from normal notebook turn become a desktop. From desktop transform to a tablet. It come with 3rd generation Intel core i5, 15.6" full HD display, 8GB ram,1TB HDD and the price also reasonable too. Check out the video below and you'll who cool is that!!!

 Richard Soo showing the Aspire R7 to the media.

Do you notice that the touchpad why is on the top of the keyboard???

That is the reason why when you bring forward the screen and you not need and touchpad anymore. Is a touch screen..

This is more awesome.... the Aspire P3, a tablet come with casing and keyboard. Don't Play Play Dj.Tiesto now also use this Aspire P3 for his concert!!! Now available at the Concepts Computer!!!