They Bring It More...

Acer Iconia B1 new stock sampai sudah sure you come to Concepts Computer they have stock tu not like last time after they launched at April their sorry to tell the customers they have run out of stock. Yesterday they have bring in 1000 units of Iconia B1 into Brunei due to the high demand and popular now in town.
Who say Cheap things not good, Good things No Cheap?? You wrong, I wrong and we all wrong!!
Acer Iconia B1 is the 7 inch tablet which is cheap prices only below $200.00 but is more that enough power, memory and capable to do why we need to do for normally people need for a tablet liao!
I have one of it too and I had use this at my trip to USA last May and it just need what I need to do over there.. Checking Mail, Facebook, Apps Games, Instagram, Watching Movies, Music, Looking for Maps location for restaurant, shopping mall and so and so...
Some more is has the Acer 1 year warranty again! Awesome...
Now they also have more accessories like pouch and touch pen with different colors some more!!!
Now available at the Concepts Computer Kiulap.

PSW Sengkurong Branch New Menu

Is been a long while that the Pondok Sari Wangi at Sengurong branch no new menu release already. The last time I remember is like 2 year ago (See Here) now finally they launch their new menu. 
There is few dishes you should have a try which is the Ketam Goreng Sari Wangi and the Gulai Lamb Shank. I try to no eat with rice but once I have a bite of the foods I tarus cal the waitress give me some rice... I cannot tahan oh it must eat it come with rice especially the chili garlic of the crab.. wow make my rice so tasty!! I must go back there again coz I know my wife she like the  Sambel Goreng Udang Pete tu!!

Ketam Goreng Sari Wangi

 Gulai Lamb Shank

 Ikan Serongsong Bakar Padang

Gulai Urat

 Soto Padang

 Tempe Goreng Mandoan

 Sambel Goreng Udang Pete

 Sotong Bakar Padang

 Sambel Hijau Ikan Bilis

 Ayam Bakar Padang

 Dendeng Batokok

 Terong Belado

Gulai Kikil and Gulai Babat

Oh Come on.... How to Finish it oh!!!

Is A J? Is A L? No.... Is Super &!!!

Yesterday I was passing by the Kiarong carpark where you take the shuttle bus to RIPAS. Then I notice a word that I don't know what is it and I stop by and check it out. Is say... Park... look like a L, J ,RJ Ride... and this words is 5 times bigger than Ripas Hospital just next to it!!!
I never see this sign before, I should #AskRobin first but too bad I can text the word and or picture send to him so I ask people in Facebook. Then one guy told me it's a '&' of the font 'Monotype Corsiva'. Oh... Ok is an &... that's new, never see people use that hmmm I learn something new today! But I still don't understand why the Ripas Hospital 5 times smaller than the Park & Ride??? 

Did you see the Ripas Hospital words there??? So small how to see??

Local Siri

Do you know what is the latest new thing in town? Don't know what is it... No problem just ask Robin. Not the Batman and Robin's Robin or the Robin Hood's Robin... Is the AskRobin...
How to ask him...simple just sms him saja and send to 39993. Ask anything also can and he can reply you back. Look what I ask him this afternoon and he reply me and the answer make me feel like finish reading Cinderella story the ending Live Happily Ever After. Thank you I love AskRobin this is awesome better than Siri!!!
Especially local question early everything you AskRobin he can answer, like look for makan, restaurant, movie and others... Awesome right!!! Check out other what they ask question to Robin (Click Here

This are the answer reply my question!!! Awesome Bruthers!!!!

E-Cigarette Is Not Smoking????

If you tell me that you Sucking E-Cigarette and Blow the white white thing is not smoking then please update me what are you sucking there!!!
Are you try to telling me your Electronic Cigarette is like a  Kola which is not a bear or The Bat is not a Bird is it?
I really don't get it where do this people get the idea or info that the E-Cigi are allow to smoke indoor, restaurants and offices!!! The reason they don't think is salah is because the E-Cigi is come out vapor not smoke!!! 
 what kind of the bull shit is that... which is meat that I also can kill cat and dog to eat because they are taste like Chicken!!!!
It doesn't matter what you smoke... when it say 'No Smoking' is no smoking allow!!!!
Check it out what is Smoke in dictionally!!!
Smoke ~ A visible suspension of carbon or other particles in air. Emit smoke or visible Vapor!!!
 A no school high high 6 years old kids also know see you with the E-Cigi is smoking lah
I bet you do it in the Cinema see can or not... If are allow to do so which mean is accepted to smoke indoor!!!

Car For Sale

Panda Security To Protect Your PC

Check it out Concepts Computer launching a full range of new computer security softwares from Panda Security. Good Buy, Best Buy, Must Buy... Now new new just launch they have a special and affordable price for three line up. First is the most affordable security solution, the Panda Anti-Virus Pro 2013 on promotion for $18 only, down from the usual price of $28. The Panda Anti-Virus 2013 is able to provide advance protection from the latest threats through the use of fast and up-to-date protection against viruses, during web-browsing or during multimedia use.

Next on offer is a security solution that is perfect for the protection of your family and for the protection of your on-line identity; the Panda Internet Security 2013, available for a promotional price of $22, compared to their regular price of $38. Panda Internet Security 2013 is able to protect your credit card and personal data, able to protect your family through Parental Controls, and able to provide back-up for your files locally or online.

Last on offer is Panda Global Protection 2013, available on promo for $28 only, down from the regular price of $48. Panda Global Protection 2013 is able to provide full and maximum protection for consumers without breaking the bank, especially when taking into account Concepts' promotional launch prices. It is able to provide protection of personal data through total file encryption and password management, while also able to improve your computer's performances through a built-in PC Optimization tool. for these three security softwares, Panda Security is providing 13 months license for usage, which is 1 year plus an extra month, to show thanks for the confidence that their customers have shown in Panda Security products in the past.
For more information, please visit your nearest Concepts Computer showroom or call 2233551/2233552/2233553 or 2448102/2448103.


After I explain you why Teh~O how the O come from... Today I tell you how the Teh~C the C come from!
Just in case you had missed my Teh~O you can click HERE and have some!!!
I'm sure everyone of you have try the Teh~C before.. If you haven't try it you are not an Asian! Every time you and me go Kopitiam sure got people order this Teh~C, Teh~C Peng, Kopi~C or Peng. But have you ever wondering the"C" is mean for what? Aiyo... we know Teh~C or Kopi~C is got come with the Milk one... but why have to call "C"??
Simple lah.... because long long time ago before the Internet born but in the kopitiam there people already have the Carnation Condensed Mlik in the tea... but no school high high like me English not good don't know how to speak only learn the words A-B-C...  So see the C big big printed on the can of Carnation so just call it Teh with the Chop C...c...c......(with hand sign C)  So slowly people just call it Teh~C replace of calling Tea with Carnation Condensed Milk......
Now you know why Teh-C is call Teh-C already?  Bah when you see me buy me a Teh-C and say OIC...!!! Thank Q Thank Q!!!

Need To Take Action This Places

If I'm the one who stay at the house behind this rubbish I'll ask the god.... What have I done wrong and need to suffering this bad smell everyday!!! They have windows and couldn't open it coz is not the fresh air coming in, Living with the neighbor Flies and Mouse and unknown diseases!!!
What's the different staying in the meddle of the dumping field.... if this is my house worth for a million dollar which mean that I'm a Slumdog Millionaire. How can this place suitable for a civilize human people living?
This is area I sure many of you had passing by especially you have a bank account opened at the Kiarong Baiduri Bank. It just at the end of the road of the complex. I was shock to see this area getting worst and massy... dirty and smelly, no way you or me can stay there more that a minute. Even there is a big nice car park right next to it I also rather park 15 meter away from it!
When I pass by here this morning I saw the Mickey Mouse and family so happy jumping up and down in the ClubHouse. Plastic Chair, Sofa, Water Heater, Mattress just buang next to it... 
But just 50 meter away only that is a small little beautiful garden/green park just launched not so long ago by the Baiduri Bank and now is spoiled by this ugly smelly unhygienic mouse flies and nyamok's heaven...
Sad to heard it isn't it!!! We are looking for better life to living, create a better community to stay but some time things isn't what we planned. Thinking of this is not my shit.... the landlord are the one who need take actions... I have nothing to do with it!! Oh look that is the restaurant rubbishes and I'm just a office renting here! Die die die.... if everyone think like that die loh!!!! What's the point to create such a nice garden and parking but spoiled by this corner!!! Sad lah and pity the families who stay behind of it!!!
The banana tree got banana I also don't dare to eat it ah!!!! If not do it now we malay have a sentence is Sedikit-sedikit lama-lama jadi bukit!!! Don't know when I can see people buang cars here! 

Out To Nature - Bukit Batu Bujang Pahang

Yesterday I joined the KPA Brunei to Kampong Menunggol climbing the Bukit Batu Bujang Pahang. I was a really awesome trip I had met some new friends and exploring our Beautiful Brunei. I really surprise that we have such a nice place with historical story behind places   here and it just not far away from the Bandar Seri Begawan. 
7am we 25 people meet up at the Yayasan jetty there and take a water taxi to Pulau Berambang. Just 10 minutes saje and we reach there and a bus is waiting for us.
In Pulas Berambang I saw something really surprisingly which is the people there they are using motorbike with no helmet, car with no number plate, road tax and kids can use motorbike!!! Awesome lah... I feel like I going to a cowboy town. It just a few kilometer away from the town and the life style totally different there! In the kampong have one convenient store, one mosque, one primary school. Population there are around 600 to 700 peoples and their are very friendly and nice people there. They don't have gas station, clinic, workshop, or barber shop etc.... all have to come out and get it town. 

In this trip we went to went to see the kampong, climb the Batu Bujang Pahang, see the Lubang Arang Batu, Batu Berpangkat Gua Kelawar Gua Batu Kapur, Telaga Puteri and go to a house have lunch with Makan Kampong Style!!
Is really siok lah.. hope one day I can go there again!!!
For more photos to see see look look of our trip you can go to KPA Brunei facebook at HERE and don't for get to click Like of their page! Leave a comment if you want to know more about the trip or how to get there!!!

Take a water taxi at Yayasan Jetty about 10 minutes saja to the Pulau Berambang

All Aboard..... all right let's go!!

Nice weather in the morning but still have a bit haze!!
Here come our bus... see see no plate one and no roadtax!!!

And the car too... kids can pakai moto too...

Give me a feeling I'm in Limbang/Kuala Lurah

This is the one and only Kedai Runcit in the village.

Here we are... The first stop!!!

This house is telling me that they don't need Aircon like we do!!! I'm sure in the night this place is cold!!

Lets warning up first before we start the hiking

It has staircase on the starting point.. this place looks like got maintain one tu!! good good 

The tour guide showing us the people here how they collect the water from the Nature!!!

Alright.... lets go and meet the Bukit Batu Bujang Pahang

We came to the first hut of the hill and take rest... then we walk down to see the Lubang Arang Batu.

This is the Lubang Arang Batu... The people here start mining before 1st world war already!!

This is the coal, my first time touching it... Back to the oldies this is call Black Gold tu...I got it for souvenir.

As you can imagine how small is it and the people that time have to work very hard to cari the Arang Batu... and is hot tu!!

Here are another spot... The Bukit Batu Bujang Pahang!!!
The story behind this Bukit Batu Bujang Pahang is not the Pahang from Malaysia lah. 

Now I'm on the top of the Bukit Batu Bujang Pahang... here I can see Limbang, to bad got haze if not we can see the new limbang airport from here!!

Bad bad bad.... stop do this ugly the nature!!!

Hey Bruther... careful!!!

I need to adjust my pant before we go another spot.... hehehe

Here we are at Gua Kelawar Gua Batu Kapur

Come come come.... group photo!!!

After the Gua Kelawar Gua Batu Kapur and here we are at the Bukit Batu Berpangkat.
Is a very unique hill with several layer of rock staking up!!

We rock at the Rock!!!

Guess how many layer of rock is there!!!

This is the Telaga Puteri. There is a story behind it... 7 puteri.... bla bla bla... mandi.... bla bla the water it ever dry out even there is months no rain...hahahah I was very tired already that time didn't hear what the tour guide said!!! hehehe

End of the Bukit Batu Bujang Pahang....Heading down to the hill... 

Everyone is hungry.... now we all heading to a house and makan "Kampong Style" lunch...

Then the bus driver bring us to here.... At first we all thought that is a joke, why we makan at Orang Kawhin??? hahahah

Hahaha.... is not a joke. Yes we makan lunch here but not orang kahwin. Is the mother in law of the Ketua Kampong their house ngam-ngam got function there too!!!

It like we saw the heaven when this coconut juice in front all of us!!! Awesome!!!!

Awesome.... got local udang Galah and Bambo Shoot... I like it!!

100% makan Kampong Style!!! The beef rendang very yummy lah...

That's the Ketua Kampong of Kampong  Menunggol, Awang Yusup Bin Mohammad next is our tour guide!!

They residents still use a very traditional way by using this bubu to catch Udnag Galah

A old man told us that is a Crocodile and I don't believing that. It was very far and almost like a drift wood there until I use my camera and zoom it and enlarge it then I surprise to see what I snap...    

Yes... is a crocodile... I think got 15 feet long Bruthers!!!